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Watson, Jennifer C. and Ness, Kim and O'Laoghaire, Niamh and Loveys, Gerrie and Regalado, Sophie. The Levy Legacy : A Commemorative Book to Celebrate the Contribution of the Levy Family, Ontario and the Exceptional Gifts of Dr. Herman Herzog Levy, O.B.E. to McMaster University. Hamilton, Ont.: McMaster University Press, 1996.
Bann, Stephen and Bond, Anthony and Merewether, Charles and Muñoz, Juan and Burn, Ian and Reynolds, H. and Welchman, John and Dolan, Sean and Blain, Dominique and Cajipe Endaya, Imelda and Carstensen, Claus and Waterlow, Nick and Johnen, Jörg and Diamond, Sara and Mhata, Chenjerai and Carchesio, Eugene and Görb, Rainer and Herold, Jörg and Wallace, Linda and Isaac, Lucero and Poshyananda, Apinan and Galeano, Eduardo and Maning, Per and Matzko, Claudia and Medina, Lazaro Garcia and Couani, Anna and Büchler, Pavel and Morgan, Joey and Hurrel, John and Maquin, André and Stringer, John and Croft, Brenda and Scholz, Michael and Seaman, Bill and Shaw, Jeffrew and Simard, Claude and Tipping, Richard Kelly and Goldberg, Michael and Krell, Alan and Burke, Gregory and Stitt, Peter and Stitt, Daphne and Jackson, Mark and Wicks, Arthur and Sachs, Bernard and Orlan and Perejaume. The Boundary Rider : 9th Biennale of Sydney. Sydney, Australia: The Biennale of Sydney, 1992.
DOSSIER: 500 - BIENNALE OF SYDNEY (Sydney, Australie)
Hoet, Jan and Zacharopoulos, Denys and De Baere, Bart and Tazzi, Pier Luigi and Herstatt, Claudia and Oates, Joyce Carol and Roubaud, Jacques and Castoriadis, Cornélius and Müller, Heiner and Robbrecht, Paul and Daem, Hilde and Bartz, Edek and Flos, Birgit and Fabritius, Jürgen and Radevagen, Til and Steigmeier, Klaus and Hubert, Pierr-Alain and Hummel, Franz and Ohrt, Roberto and Seytarth, Ludwig and Baikas, Nicos and Bourgeois, Louise and Durham, Jimmie and Fainaru, Belu-Simion and Fend, Peter and Horn, Rebecca and Kabakov, Ilya and Ruk, Mariusz and Pitz, Hermann and Racine, Rober and Visch, Henk. Documenta 9, Kassel, 1992. Stuttgart, Germany: Edition Cantz; New York, NY: s.n., 1992.
DOSSIER: 500 - DOCUMENTA (Kassel, Allemagne)
Sakai, Tadayasu. Japanese Prints 1950-1990. s.l.: The Japan Foundation, 1992.
Koplos, Janet. Contemporary Japanese Sculpture. New York, NY: Abbeville Press, 1991.
Nanjo, Fumio and Kondo, Yukio and Tani, Arata and Murata, Makoto. Japanische Kunst der achtziger Jahre. Frankfurt am Main, Allemagne: Edition Stemmle; s.l.: Frankfurter Kunstverein, 1990.
Hosokawa, Shuhei and Ikui, Eikou and Sokolowski, Thomas and Holbreich, Kathy and Kobata, Kazue and Kohmoto, Shinji and Nanjo, Fumio. Against Nature : Japanese Art in the Eighties. Cambridge, MA: MIT List Visual Arts Center; s.l.: Grey Art Gallery and Study Center, New York University; s.l.: The Japan Foundation, 1989.