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Sirove, Taryn. We Did Everything Adults Would Do. What Went Wrong? Toronto, Ont.: A Space, 2015.
DOSSIER: 351 - A SPACE (Toronto)
Morse, Lisa. Sideshow Spectacular : Animated Anomalies. Halifax NS: Centre for Art Tapes, 2007.
DOSSIER: en traitement
Keshavjee, Serena and Pike, Bev and Lamontagne, Valérie and Beloff, Zoe and Soukup, Katarina and Schneemann, Carolee and Balfour, Barbara and Kokoli, Alexandra M. and Montano, Linda M. and Seaton, Beth and Lavigne, Carlen and Leeming, Frances and McCutcheon, Jade and Thomson, Paula and Finley, Karen and Farrell, Carolyn Bell and Bristol, Joanne and Wasney, Tricia and Applin, Jo and Trask, Karen and Kessin, Katja MacLeod. Technologies of Intuition. Toronto, Ont.: YYZ Books; Winnipeg Man: Mentoring Artists for Women s Art; s.l.: Display Cult, 2006.
DOSSIER: 351 - YYZ (Toronto)
Hutcheon, Linda and Stacey, Jackie. Genetic Admiration : A Collage Animation by Frances Leeming. Toronto, Ont.: Vtape, 2005.
Duff, Tagny and Tuer, Dot and Chitty , Elizabeth and Wark, Jayne and Robertson, Clive and Alteen, Glenn and Bradley, Jessica and Patterson, Pam and Conley, Christine and Couillard, Paul and Jackson, Marni and Henry, Karen and Sternberg, Barbara and Fisher, Jennifer and Redfern, Christine and Forkert, Kirsten and Holt, Rochelle and Graff, Tom and Tuer, Dot and Henricks, Nelson and Carr-Harris, Ian and Lypchuk, Donna and Spencer, Karen and Dragu, Margaret and Van Hoof, Marine and Maskegon-Iskwew, Ahasiw and Lang, Avis and Sawchuk, Kim and Papararo, Jenifer and Cleniuk, Brenda and Watson, Scott and Stanworth, Karen and Fischer, Barbara. Caught In The Act : An Anthology of Performance Art by Canadian Women. Toronto, Ont.: YYZ Books, 2004.
Robertson, Clive. Speaking Volumes : La médiation des pratiques artistiques à travers les projets d'artistes, les journalismes et les documentaires = Speaking Volumes : The Mediation of Art Practices through Artist Projects, Journalism and Documentaries. Montréal, Qc: Oboro, 1997.
DOSSIER: 330 - OBORO (Montréal)
Anon. Film and Video Catalogue 1974. Vancouver, BC: Canadian Filmmakers Distribution West, 1993.
Durand, Guy. Interscop, Pologne 1990. Québec, Qc: Les Editions Intervention, 1991.
Richard, Alain-Martin and Richard, Alain-Martin and Robertson, Clive and Robertson, Clive and Vaillancourt, Armand and Falk, Gathie and Chaîné, Francine and Barber, Bruce and Gervais, Raymond and Banana, Anna and Bull, Hank and Tourangeau, Sylvie and Cantsin, Monty and Martel, Richard and Householder, Johanna and Arcand, Pierre-André and Mars, Tanya and Chouinard, Marie and McCaffery, Steve and Fréchette, Jean-Yves and Tourbin, Dennis and Allen, Lillian and Sioui Durand, Yves. Performance au Canada, 1970-1990 = Performance in Canada, 1970-1990. Québec, Qc: Les Éditions Intervention; Toronto, Ont.: The Coach House Press, 1991.
Keczan-Ebos, Mary and Kilkenny, Nora and Shymlosky, Victoria and Boston, Alison and Leeming, Frances. Split-Subject. Hamilton, Ont.: Hamilton Artists' Inc., 1990.
DOSSIER: 390 - HAMILTON ARTISTS' Inc. (Hamilton, Ont.)
Hume, Verne and Sujir, Leila. Film and Video from the Heart of the Heart of the Regions : A Country? = Le film et la vidéo du coeur du coeur des régions : Un pays? [Calgary, Alta?]: [Inter-Disciplinary Artists Promotion and Production Society of Alberta], 1989.
DOSSIER: 390 - EM/MEDIA (Calgary, Alta)
MacSwain, Jim and Peacock, Jan. Showcase 89. Halifax NS: Alliance des arts médiatiques indépendants Independent Media Arts Alliance, 1989.
DOSSIER: en traitement
Musiol, Marie-Jeanne and Chopra, Chander and Couillard, Paul and Fouhse, Tony and Manly, Eva and Marsters, Mark and Sharpe, Blair and Thomson, Jim and Vigneau, Jean-Yves and Whiteside, Carla. Studios : Travaux en cours = Studios : Work in Process. Ottawa, Ont.: Council for the Arts in Ottawa/Conseil des arts d'Ottawa, 1989.
Seaman, Patti and Harry, Isobel and Wilson, Paul and Wilson, Pat and Barber, Bruce and Diamond, Sara and Kibbins, Gary and Philip, Marlene Nourbese and Robertson, Clive and DeLeon, Voltaire R. and Constable, Mike and Alexander, Don and Tomczak, Kim and Kibbins, Gary and Kerr, Kandace and Giglio, Philip A. and Jacobs, Alex. Fuse 9: 6. May/June. (1986).
Fabo, Andy and Oille, Jennifer. Chromaliving. Toronto, Ont.: Chromazone, 1983.
Public.: 25. Toronto, Ont.: Public Access Collective