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Busby, Cathy and Walter, Kathryn and Dunye, Cheryl and Yoon, Jin-me and Vanslet, Deborah and Bociurkiw, Marusia and Sealy, Antonia and Fowlie-Fleischmann, Sarah and Borello, Mariela and Hollard, Robyn and Graham, Veronica and Pitman, Andy and Roberton, Terri and Thomas, Sylvie and Sandler, Arlene and Gagnon, Guylaine and Adcock, Linda and Morley, Sara and Katsanis, Kaliopy and Mueller, Petra and Hargraves, Kelly and Koustrup, Frank and McDermid, Nancy and Richer, Suzanne and Demeule, Nadine and Demchuk, Jacqueline and Bellemare, Caroline and Berlyn, Anna and Pain, Jennifer and Slonosky, Andrea and Currie, Derrick and MacMillan, Laurie and Castellucci, Cecil and Kamm, Lynne and Bernhardson, Laura and Jojich, Danica and Sperberg, Kathy and Rowe, Nadine and Stagias, Nick and Mainberger, Regine and Gnarowski, Sybille and Coolen, Susan and Brown, Nancy and Clarkson, China and Presner, Kathy and Tatebe, Nancy and Eisha. How Do I Look? : A Video and Film Series (1992 Series). Montréal, Qc: Concordia University, Fine Arts and Communication Studies, 1992.
Brouillard, Bruno and Gonzalez, Marco and Cardinal, Serge and Potvin, Jean-Luc and Morley, Sara and Martin, Benoit and Tisseur, Hélène and Daigle, François and Ouellette, Sophie and Vani, Stefania and Dion, Dominique and Maridor, Valérie and Cojan, Iolanda and Lachapelle, Jean-Jacques and Labrecque, Manon and Lamothe, Guy and Currie, Derrick and Boisclair, Luc and Tremblay, Caroline and Garant, Manon and Bélanger, Yvan and Lapierre, Érik and Jutras, Daniel and Olivier Le Guennec, Nicole and Laframboise, Sylvie and Sorrentino, Olivier and Sherback, Linda and Beaudry, Nicolas and Jeanbart, Bertrand and Rivard, Philippe and Leibovici, Daphna and Rhéault, Louise and Belzile, A. Frédérick and Ayotte, Catherine and Hamel, Bernard and Monette, Katée and Miron, Huguette and Fortin, Denis and Gervais, Marc and Smith, Marie-Claude and Adcock, Linda and Dubé, Nancy and Gravel, Mona and Clarkson, S. China and Bachand, Erik and Goulet, Stéphane and Vanslet, Deborah and Leclair, Marie-Claude and Pedneault, Marie-Josée and Langlois, Marc and Rawser, J. and Montmorency, C. and Hargraves, Kelly L. and Galipeau, Patrick. Événement d'art vidéo 90-91 : Événement inter-universitaire 1er cycle de l'art vidéo. Montréal, Qc: s.n., 1991.
DuPont, Chantal and Côté, Mario and Brochu, Sylvain and Perron, Marc and Galipeau, Patrick and Schloesser, Gabrielle and Daigle, François and Raquer, Sylvie and Limoges, Lyette and Miron, Huguette and Bouchard, Denis and Beaudoin, Chrystian and Gosselin, Geoffroy and Collerette, Isabelle and Villeneuve, Joanne and Tremblay, Isabelle and Asselin, Marie-Claude and Arcand, Jean-Pierre and Mongrain, Serge and Faucher, Christine and Langevin, Claude and Beauchemin, Pierre and Boisclair, Luc and Bourassa, Nancy and Côté, Louise and Grégory, Stéphane and Rivalain, Yannick and Brière, Johanne and Guimond, Jean-Luc and Molotchnikoff, Nathalie and Garant, Manon and Langlois, Marc and Vennes, Luc and Presner, Kathy and St-Louis, Anick and Francoeur, Georges and Olivier, Nicole and Deslauriers, Suzanne and Tanguay, Lorraine and Trudel, Mona and Castegnier, Michelle and Chartrand, Isabelle and Kaprolat, Andrée and Voyer, Sarla and Bertrand, Alain and Degrâce, Dany and Henrie, Marie-France and Benoit, Alain and Hamel, André and Fauteux, Julie and Beaulieu, Monique and Côté, Nathalie and Adcock, Linda and Morneau, Martine and Ricard, Claude and Godcharles, Yves and Rimpau, Ina. Événement vidéos d'art 89-90 : Premier événement inter-universitaire (1er cycle) de la vidéo d'art organisé par l'UQAM, mai 1990. Montréal, Qc: s.n., 1990.