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Agamben, Giorgio and Azoulay, Ariella and Badiou, Alain and Barthes, Roland and Bishop, Claire and Bourriaud, Nicolas and Critchley, Simon and Easterling, Keller and Eleey, Peter and Graw, Isabelle and Huberman, Anthony and Kester, Grant and Lyotard, Jean-François and Rancière, Jacques and Sontag, Susan and Steyerl, Hito and Verwoert, Jan and Weizman, Eyal. Ethics. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press; London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery, 2015.
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Hoffmann, Maja and Zolghadr, Tirdad and Azoulay, Ariella and Buergel, Roger M. and El Baroni, Bassam and von Osten, Marion and Gonzalez-Foerster, Dominique and Feher, Michel and Hilal, Sandi and Petti, Alessandro and Sander, Katya and Malik, Suhail and Steyerl, Hito and Weizman, Eyal and Franke, Anselm and Klein, Alex and Foster, Hal and Hollier, Denis and Didi-Huberman, Georges and Keenan, Thomas. The Human Snapshot. Feldmeilen, Switzerland: LUMA Foundation; Annadale-on-Hudson, NY: Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College; Berlin Germany: Sternberg Press, 2013.
Buren, Daniel and Grasskamp, Walter and Campbell, Nancy and Frey, Patrick and Azoulay, Ariella and Decker, Edith and Van Tienhoven, Ronald and Loers, Veit and Van Winkel, Camiel and Franz, Erich and Phillips, Lisa and Meschede, Freidrich and Groos, Ulrike and Jacob, Susanne and Tippner, Anja and Shone, Richard and Lind, Maria and Van Der Koelen, Dorothea and Adams, Kim and Andre, Carl and Baselitz, Georg and Borland, Christine and Cardiff, Janet and Cattelan, Maurizio and Craig, Stephen and Deacon, Richard and Dion, Mark and Douglas, Stan and Erkmen, Ayse and Weiss, David and Genzken, Isa and Gette, Paul-Armand and Geys, Jef and Gordon, Douglas and Graham, Dan and Hains, Raymond and Herold, Georg and Hirschhorn, Thomas and Yong Ping, Huang and Huws, Bethan and Hybert, Fabrice and Kabakov, Ilya and Kirkeby, Per and Koons, Jeff and Metzel, Olaf and Mucha, Reinhard and Oldenburg, Claes and van Bruggen, Coosje and Oursler, Tony and Pitz, Hermann and Potrc, Marjetica and Rehberger, Tobias and Ruckriem, Ulrich and Ruppersberg, Allen and Ruthenbeck, Reiner and Ryslavy, Kurt and Sander, Karin and Sone, Yutaka and Thater, Diana and Theis, Bert and Tiravanija, Rirkrit and Valldosera, Eulalia and de Vries, Herman and Weiner, Lawrence and West, Franz and Winter, Wolfgang and Horbelt, Berthold and Wisniewski, Jeffrey and Zittel, Andrea and Zobernig, Heimo and Kirkeby, Per and Koons, Jeff. Sculpture Projects in Münster 1997. 2nd updated ed. Ostfildern-Ruit, Germany: Verlag Gerd Hatje, 1997.
Sherman, Daniel J. and Rogoff, Irit and Hoffmann, Detlef and Koven, Seth and Zolberg, Vera L. and Poulot, Dominique and Azoulay, Ariella and Georgel, Chantal and Groys, Boris and Grasskamp, Walter and Bohrer, Frederick N. and Higonnet, Anne and Wallis, Brian. Museum Culture : Histories, Discourses, Spectacles. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 1994.