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Bouchard, Anne-Marie and Bouchard, Jacqueline. Julie Picard : Mettre sur papier. Québec, Qc: La chambre blanche, 2015.
Bouchard, Jacqueline and Loubier, Patrice and Marcotte, Céline and Mistral, Christian and Richard, Allain-Martin. Loser. Québec, Qc: Folie/Culture, 2011.
Bouchard, Jacqueline. La forêt sculptée: mouvement essarts, 10 ans de création et de diffusion. Trois Rivières Qc: Éditions d art Le Sabord, 2009.
DOSSIER: 390 - ÉDITIONS D'ART LE SABORD (Trois-Rivières, Qc)
de Blois, Nathalie and Richard, Suzanne and Bouchard, Jacqueline. Terrains d'entente 2002-2003. Granby, Qc: 3e impérial, 2005.
DOSSIER: 330 - 3e IMPÉRIAL (Granby)
Gagnon, Jean-Claude and Collins, Patricia and Gonthier, Yves and Sourdin, Bruno and Bouchard, Jacqueline and Ferretti, Monica and Fortin, Ginette and Hébert, Pauline and Strada, Giovanni and Bertrand, Diane and Boulet, Lise and Alemany, Ines and Fortier-Auclair, Odette and Sciavino, Maria Teresa and Netmail, Peter and Netmail, Angela and Paz, Hilda and Dellafiora, David and Smith, Glen and Cares, Antonio and Bourget, Édith and Nickerson, Kevin and Gomez, Antonio and Ricard, J. and Altemus, Reed and Bennet, J. M. and Perkins, Stephen and Spangle, Douglas and Wood, Reid and Burgaud, Christian and Caignard, Roland and Carretta, Luisella and Totino, Arrigo Lora and Mandrino, Francesco and Morandi, Emilio and Salerno, Lucrezia and Scala, Roberta and Bourret, Andrée and Éliceiry, André and Boulet, Francine and Charland, Marie-Claude and Chouinard, Hugo and Durand, Guy Sioui and Côté, Réjean-F. and Ferland, Léa and Cousineau-Girard, Valérie and Gonther, Gin and Guy, Thérèse and Harvey, Maryse and Lamarre, Claire and Vinh, La Toan and Maniaci, Francesca and Martin, Édith and Matte, Hélène and Neil, Steven and Néron, Louise and Paulette, Hélène and Picard, Julie and Pourtalès, Monique and Reid, Malcolm and Simard, Nicolie and St-Pierre, Valérie and Tran, Gilline and Tremblay, Jean-François and Vachon, Thérèse. Réparation de poésie no 13 : Assembling. Québec, Qc: Réparation de poésie, 2002.
Gagnon, Jean-Claude and Morandi, Emilio and Carretta, Luisella and Lebel, Céline and Blaine, Julien and Bouhet, Lise and Hugues, Jean and Leclerc, Marie-Claude and Coulombe, Jean and Albatroz, Zav and St-Arnaud, Hélène and Guerrero A., Mauricio and Sonnenfeld, Mark and Bouchard, Jacqueline and Pelletier, Denise and Éliceiry, André. Réparation de poésie no 11 : Poésie réparée fraîche. Québec, Qc: Réparation de poésie, 2000.
Gagnon, Jean-Claude and Bertrand, Diane and Beaulieu, Kurt and Breuer, Theo and Olbrich, Jurgen o. and Schnyder, Achim and Perneczky, Geza and Seifert, Jorg and Dellafiora, David and Bleus, Guy and Cares, Antonio and Bourget, Édith and Nickersondo, Kevondo and Sutherland, Mark and Gomez, Antonio and Ruiz, Manuel Ruiz and Bennet, J.m. and Perkins, Stephen and Pittore, Carlo and Selby, Spencer and Sonnenfeld, Mark and Wood, Reid et Yong, Karl and Canat, Philippe and Courtois, Vincent and Julliard, Vincent and Lenoir, Pascal and Sourdin, Bruno and Suel, Lucien and Carretta, Luisella and Totino, Arrigo Lora and Morandi, Emilio and Parentela, Claudio and Salerno, Lucresia and Strada, Giovanni and Bouchard, Jacqueline and Boulet, francine and Collerette, Isabelle and Sioui Durand, Guy and Dutin, Marc and Éliceiry, André and Fortier-Auclair, Audette and Fortin, Ginette and Gagnon, Jean-Claude and Gonther, Gin and Gonthier, Yves and Guy, Thérèse and Lamarre, Claire and Lamontagne, François and Latulippe, Françoise and La Toan, Vinh and Lebel, Céline and Miniachi, Francesca and Marceau, André and Matte, Hélène and Pelletier, Denise and Paullette, Hélène and Picard, Julie and Pourtalès, Monique and Rathier, Julie Dominique and Reid, Malcolm and Robitaille, Guy and Sanfaçon, Louise and Therrien, Thérèse and Tran, Gilline and Thuôt, Diane and Nakamura, Keiichi and Collins, Patricia. Réparation de poésie no 10. Québec, Qc: Réparation de poésie, 1999.
. Québec, Qc: La chambre blanche
Pelletier, Sonia and Pelletier, Sonia and Bouchard, Jacqueline and Bouchard, Jacqueline and Alain, Danyèle and Alain, Danyèle and Cisneros, Domingo. L'art et l'eau : Rencontre continentale. Québec, Qc: Inter éditeur, 1995.
DOSSIER: 330 - 3e IMPÉRIAL (Granby)
Anon. Québec Ateliers Ouverts, 6e édition, 1995. Québec, Qc: VIDERE, 1995.
Pageot, Édith-Anne and Poulin, Daniel and Bouchard, Jacqueline and Burr, Anne and Durocher, Julie and Picher, Ginette and Beauparlant, Luc and Grégoire, Paul and Fabb, Jeane and Pardeahtan, Veran and Tardif, Pierre and Gendreau, Yves and Alain, Danyèle. A l'affût : Une chasse dans la forêt boréale : Une action art/nature. L'Annonciation, Qc: Boréal Multimédia, 1995.
DOSSIER: 390 - BORÉAL (L'Annonciation, Qc)
La Chambre blanche : bulletin.: 20. Québec, Qc: La Chambre blanche
Sioui Durand, Guy and Bouchard, Jacqueline and Bigras, Denis and Gagnon, Jean-Pierre and Lessard, Denis and Gagnon, Louis and Rannou, Pierre and Gill, Pierre. Sur les traces de Diane Robertson, 1960-1993. Montréal, Qc: Paje Éditeur, 1994.
Allard, Céline and April, Danielle and Babin, Julien and Bouchard, Cécile and Béliveau, Paul and Nadeau, Lisanne and Meunier, Danielle and Johnson, Carl and Baillargeon, Carole and Bazire, Bruno and Bélanger, Michel and Bellerose, Lorraine and Bernard, Anne and Bérubé, Maryse and Biron, Karole and Bois, Michel and Bouchard, Jacqueline and Brunet, Monique and Bussières, Sylvie and Chevalier, François and Cornet, Lucienne and Côté, Marielle and Darby, Don and Desjardins, Jacques and Dorion, Yvette and Durand, Richard and Février, Eve and Fortier, Louis and Fortier-Auclair, Odette and Fournier, Gérard and Gagnon, Steve and Gaudreau, Jean and Gendron, Nicole and Gosselin, Helen and Gottheim, Vivian and Guay, Daniel and Guertin, Claude and Houde, Bernard and Jalbert, Marie and Jean, Lorraine and Lamarre, Claire and Lapointe, Céline G. and Larouche, Hélène and Larouche, Monique and Laverdière, Sylvie and Lefebvre, Lucie and Lessard, Danièle and Létourneau, Cécile and Malenfant, Nicole and Marois, Marcel and Martel, Suzanne and Martineau, Aline and Masse, Isabelle and Mathieu, François and Mathieu, Grant and Noreau, Christian and Ousset-Camirand, Geneviève and Paquin, Josette and Pick, Karen and Poirier, Mario and Riverin, Agnès and Rochette, Hélène and Royer, Claude and St-Arnaud, Hélène and Ste-Marie, Richard and St-Onge, Michel and Tardif, Danny and Théberge, Odette and Thibault, Nicole and Tremblay, Joanne and Tremblay, Mary-Ellen and Trudel, Suzanne and Trung, Truong Chanh and Vincent, William James (Bill) and Walsh, Serge. Québec Ateliers Ouverts 1992 : Répertoire des artistes. Québec, Qc: Québec Ateliers Ouverts, 1992.
Bouchard, Jacqueline. Manifestations of Ethnicity in Contemporary Amerindian Art. Toronto, Ont.: Toronto Semiotic Circle, Victoria College in the University of Toronto, 1991.