Réparation de poésie no 13 : Assembling

Gagnon, Jean-Claude and Collins, Patricia and Gonthier, Yves and Sourdin, Bruno and Bouchard, Jacqueline and Ferretti, Monica and Fortin, Ginette and Hébert, Pauline and Strada, Giovanni and Bertrand, Diane and Boulet, Lise and Alemany, Ines and Fortier-Auclair, Odette and Sciavino, Maria Teresa and Netmail, Peter and Netmail, Angela and Paz, Hilda and Dellafiora, David and Smith, Glen and Cares, Antonio and Bourget, Édith and Nickerson, Kevin and Gomez, Antonio and Ricard, J. and Altemus, Reed and Bennet, J. M. and Perkins, Stephen and Spangle, Douglas and Wood, Reid and Burgaud, Christian and Caignard, Roland and Carretta, Luisella and Totino, Arrigo Lora and Mandrino, Francesco and Morandi, Emilio and Salerno, Lucrezia and Scala, Roberta and Bourret, Andrée and Éliceiry, André and Boulet, Francine and Charland, Marie-Claude and Chouinard, Hugo and Durand, Guy Sioui and Côté, Réjean-F. and Ferland, Léa and Cousineau-Girard, Valérie and Gonther, Gin and Guy, Thérèse and Harvey, Maryse and Lamarre, Claire and Vinh, La Toan and Maniaci, Francesca and Martin, Édith and Matte, Hélène and Neil, Steven and Néron, Louise and Paulette, Hélène and Picard, Julie and Pourtalès, Monique and Reid, Malcolm and Simard, Nicolie and St-Pierre, Valérie and Tran, Gilline and Tremblay, Jean-François and Vachon, Thérèse. Réparation de poésie no 13 : Assembling. Québec, Qc: Réparation de poésie, 2002.

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Abstract (English)

The 13th edition of this Quebec collective’s annual publication comprises Mail Art projects by 59 artists from ten countries. The works, which may include short poetic texts, employ drawing, collage, silkscreening, photocopying, painting and digital imagery; some incorporate objects, postcards or recycled, printed material. Themes include biotechnology, territory, daily life, happiness, violence, the family and the events of September 11, 2001. Texts in English, French, Italian and Spanish.


Cette 13e édition de la publication annuelle du collectif de Québec comprend des projets de type Mail Art par 59 artistes en provenance de dix pays. Les œuvres, réalisées dans différents médiums (dessin, collage, sérigraphie, photocopie, peinture, image numérique), sont parfois fabriquées à partir d'objets, de cartes postales ou de prospectus récupérés et peuvent comporter un bref texte poétique. Les thèmes abordés incluent : la biotechnologie, le territoire, le quotidien, le bonheur, la violence, la famille et les événements du 11 septembre 2001. Textes en français, en anglais, en italien et en espagnol.

Types: Artists' publications > Artists' books ; Artists' publications > Mail art
All Contributors: Gagnon, Jean-Claude (Artist); Gagnon, Jean-Claude (Author); Collins, Patricia (Artist); Collins, Patricia (Author); Gonthier, Yves (Artist); Gonthier, Yves (Author); Sourdin, Bruno (Artist); Sourdin, Bruno (Author); Bouchard, Jacqueline (Artist); Bouchard, Jacqueline (Author); Ferretti, Monica (Artist); Ferretti, Monica (Author); Fortin, Ginette (Artist); Fortin, Ginette (Author); Hébert, Pauline (Artist); Hébert, Pauline (Author); Strada, Giovanni (Artist); Strada, Giovanni (Author); Bertrand, Diane (Artist); Bertrand, Diane (Author); Boulet, Lise (Artist); Boulet, Lise (Author); Alemany, Ines (Artist); Alemany, Ines (Author); Fortier-Auclair, Odette (Artist); Fortier-Auclair, Odette (Author); Sciavino, Maria Teresa (Artist); Sciavino, Maria Teresa (Author); Netmail, Peter (Artist); Netmail, Peter (Author); Netmail, Angela (Artist); Netmail, Angela (Author); Paz, Hilda (Artist); Paz, Hilda (Author); Dellafiora, David (Artist); Dellafiora, David (Author); Smith, Glen (Artist); Smith, Glen (Author); Cares, Antonio (Artist); Cares, Antonio (Author); Bourget, Édith (Artist); Bourget, Édith (Author); Nickerson, Kevin (Artist); Nickerson, Kevin (Author); Gomez, Antonio (Artist); Gomez, Antonio (Author); Ricard, J. (Artist); Ricard, J. (Author); Altemus, Reed (Artist); Altemus, Reed (Author); Bennet, J. M. (Artist); Bennet, J. M. (Author); Perkins, Stephen (Artist); Perkins, Stephen (Author); Spangle, Douglas (Artist); Spangle, Douglas (Author); Wood, Reid (Artist); Wood, Reid (Author); Burgaud, Christian (Artist); Burgaud, Christian (Author); Caignard, Roland (Artist); Caignard, Roland (Author); Carretta, Luisella (Artist); Carretta, Luisella (Author); Totino, Arrigo Lora (Artist); Totino, Arrigo Lora (Author); Mandrino, Francesco (Artist); Mandrino, Francesco (Author); Morandi, Emilio (Artist); Morandi, Emilio (Author); Salerno, Lucrezia (Artist); Salerno, Lucrezia (Author); Scala, Roberta (Artist); Scala, Roberta (Author); Bourret, Andrée (Artist); Bourret, Andrée (Author); Éliceiry, André (Artist); Éliceiry, André (Author); Boulet, Francine (Artist); Boulet, Francine (Author); Charland, Marie-Claude (Artist); Charland, Marie-Claude (Author); Chouinard, Hugo (Artist); Chouinard, Hugo (Author); Durand, Guy Sioui (Artist); Durand, Guy Sioui (Author); Côté, Réjean-F. (Artist); Côté, Réjean-F. (Author); Ferland, Léa (Artist); Ferland, Léa (Author); Cousineau-Girard, Valérie (Artist); Cousineau-Girard, Valérie (Author); Gonther, Gin (Artist); Gonther, Gin (Author); Guy, Thérèse (Artist); Guy, Thérèse (Author); Harvey, Maryse (Artist); Harvey, Maryse (Author); Lamarre, Claire (Artist); Lamarre, Claire (Author); Vinh, La Toan (Artist); Vinh, La Toan (Author); Maniaci, Francesca (Artist); Maniaci, Francesca (Author); Martin, Édith (Artist); Martin, Édith (Author); Matte, Hélène (Artist); Matte, Hélène (Author); Neil, Steven (Artist); Neil, Steven (Author); Néron, Louise (Artist); Néron, Louise (Author); Paulette, Hélène (Artist); Paulette, Hélène (Author); Picard, Julie (Artist); Picard, Julie (Author); Pourtalès, Monique (Artist); Pourtalès, Monique (Author); Reid, Malcolm (Artist); Reid, Malcolm (Author); Simard, Nicolie (Artist); Simard, Nicolie (Author); St-Pierre, Valérie (Artist); St-Pierre, Valérie (Author); Tran, Gilline (Artist); Tran, Gilline (Author); Tremblay, Jean-François (Artist); Tremblay, Jean-François (Author); Vachon, Thérèse (Artist); Vachon, Thérèse (Author)
Dossier: 390 - RÉPARATION DE POÉSIE (Collectif)
Collation: 59 f. et objets : 34 ill. (20 en coul.) + 1 boîtier en carton : 2 ill. ; 27 x 15 x 6 cm
Language of Publication: English; French
Publishers: Québec, Qc: Réparation de poésie
Artists: Réparation De Poésie (Collectif); Netmail, Peter; Netmail, Angela; Paz, Hilda; Dellafiora, David; Smith, Glen; Cares, Antonio; Bourget, Édith; Nickerson, Kevin; Alemany, Ines; Gomez, Antonio; Ricard, J.; Altemus, Reed; Bennet, J.M.; Perkins, Stephen; Spangle, Douglas; Wood, Reid; Boulet, Lise; Burgaud, Christian; Sourdin, Bruno; Caignard, Roland; Carretta, Luisella; Ferretti, Monica; Totino, Arrigo Lora; Mandrino, Francesco; Morandi, Emilio; Salerno, Lucrezia; Scala, Roberto; Sciavino, Maria Teresa; Strada, Giovanni; Bourret, Andrée; Bertrand, Diane; Bouchard, Jacqueline; Boulet, Francine; Charland, Marie-Claude; Chouinard, Hugo; Durand, Guy Sioui; Éliceiry, André; Fortier-Auclair, Odette; Côté, Réjean-F.; Ferland, Léa; Fortin, Ginette; Cousineau-Girard, Valérie; Gagnon, Jean-Claude; Gonther, Gin; Gonthier, Yves; Guy, Thérèse; Harvey, Maryse; Hébert, Pauline; Lamarre, Claire; Vinh, La Toan; Maniaci, Francesca; Martin, Édith; Matte, Hélène; Neil, Steven; Néron, Louise; Paulette, Hélène; Picard, Julie; Pourtalès, Monique; Reid, Malcolm; Simard, Nicole; St-Pierre, Valérie; Tran, Gilline; Tremblay, Jean-François; Vachon, Thérèse; Collins, Patricia
Art Organizations: Réparation De Poésie (Collectif)
Copyright Statement: Réparation de poésie

2e exemplaire avec couverture différente, don de Réjean F. Côté.

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