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Amato, Joseph A. and Barad, Karen and Butler, Judith and Grosz, Elizabeth and Damisch, Hubert and Didi-Huberman, Georges and Eaton, Natasha and Fer, Briony and Flusser, Vilém and Hauser, Jens and Hoffmann-Axthelm, Dieter and Ingold, Tim and Kemp, Wolfgang and Kristeva, Julia. Materiality. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press; London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery, 2015.
Agamben, Giorgio and Auping, Michael and Bachelard, Gaston and Bateson, Gregory and Bennet, Jane and Bergson, Henri and Caillois, Roger and Connor, Steven and Derrida, Jacques and Flusser, Vilém and Gessert, George and Grau, Oliver and Guattari, Félix and Halley, Peter and Haraway, Donna and Latour, Bruno and Lyotard, Jean-François and McDonough, Tom and Monod, Jacques and Naess, Arne and Nagel, Thomas and Reichle, Ingeborg and Rose, Nikolas and Vernadsky, Vladimir and Kastner, Jeffrey. Nature. London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2012.
Coles, Alex and Nelson, George and Hamilton, Richard and Greenberg, Clement and Potter, Norman and Rand, Paul and Graham, Dan and Judd, Donald and Flusser, Vilém and Pardo, Jorge and Scanlan, Joe and Foster, Hal and Kwon, Miwon and Dorst, Kees and Poynor, Rick and Cook, Peter and Tafuri, Manfredo and Rams, Dieter and Weil, Benjamin and Zittel, Andrea and van Lieshout, Josep and Coupland, Douglas and Obrist, Hans-Ulrich and Staniszewski, Mary Anne and Bourdon, David and Eames, Charles and Wigley, Mark and Archigram and et alii. Design and Art. London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2007.
Druckrey, Timothy and Franke, Herbert W. and Youngblood, Gene and Weibel, Peter and Moog, Robert and Leopoldseder, Hannes and Huitric, Hervé and Nahas, Monique and Ascott, Roy and Grundmann, Heidi and Herbert, Nick and Fisher, Scott S. and Sterling, Bruce and Moravec, Hans and Stiles, Kristine and Huffman, Kathy Rae and Stocker, Gerfried and Lovink, Geert and Dawkins, Richard and Ranzenbacher, Heimo and Fromherz, Peter and Kunzru, Hari and Kittler, Friedrich and Claus, Jürgen and Lischka, Gerhard Johann and Charles, Daniel and Kahn, Douglas and Flusser, Vilém and Minsky, Marvin and De Kerckhove, Derrick and Russell, Morgan and Rössler, Otto E. and Casti, John L. and Feuerstein, Thomas and Strickner, Klaus and Langton, Christopher G. and Rötzer, Florian and Virilio, Paul and Bannwart, Edouard and Yamamoto, Keigo and Zajc, Melita and Stone, Allucquère Rosanne and Plant, Sadie and De Landa, Manuel and Richard, Birgit and Adrian, Robert and Piene, Otto and Tomita, Isao and Hentz, Mike and Sanborn, John and Brock, Bazon and O'Kane, Bob and Sims, Karl and Sommerer, Christa and Mignonneau, Laurent and Carpenter, Loren and Carpenter, Rachel and Merrit, Just and Gòmez-Peña, Guillermo and Sifuentes, Roberto and Mann, Steve and Iwai, Toshio and Sakamoto, Ryuichi and Bargar, Robin and Choi, Insook and Broeckmann, Andreas and Bilwet/Adilkno/Filwis and Critical Art Ensemble and Cabaret Voltaire and Van Gogh TV and Stadtwerkstatt TV and KR+cF Knowbotic Research and Stelarc. Ars Electronica : Facing the Future : A Survey of Two Decades. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1999.
DOSSIER: 500 - ARS ELECTRONICA (Linz, Autriche)
Flusser, Vilém and Olonetzky, Nadine and Polzer, Brita and Stahel, Urs. Herkunft? : Gosbert Adler, Tina Barney, Richard Billingham, Anthony Hernandez, Fazal Sheikh, Garrie Mae Weems. Winterthur, Suisse: Fotomuseum Winterthur, 1996.
Flusser, Vilém. Towards a Philosophy of Photography. Gottingen, Germany: European Photography, 1984.