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Olcott, Andrew and Brodie, Elaine. Andrew Olcott : On Architecture and the Body. Toronto, Ont.: Gallery 44, 1994.
Gosselin, Gaëtan and Altman, Patrick and April, Marc and Arteau, Gilles and Baillargeon, Richard and Ballester, Anne and Bélanger, Michel and Beveridge, Karl and Bilodeau, Denyse and Biron, Karole and Boulanger, Chantal and Butcher, Daniel and Campbell, James and Campeau, Sylvain and Clément, André and Condé, Carole and Crépeau, Marie-Lucie and Cron, Marie-Michèle and Desmille, Sylvain and Dessureault, Pierre and Doucet, Nicole and Fafard, Manon and Farley, Denis and Gilbert, Bernard and Gingras, Nicole and Godefroid, Jean-Louis and Gosselin, Gaëtan and Groebner, Sandy and Hébert, Manon and Hlynsky, David and Jackson, Gaye and Laframboise, Alain and Lammerich, Yvonne and Larivée, Suzie and Lefebvre, Lucie and Lessard, Denis and Léveillée, Gilles and Lewis, Mark and Malaterre, Dominique and Martin, André and Olcott, Andrew and Ouellet, Louis and Pelletier, Sonia and Piitz, Brian and Poirier, Diane and Salvail, Reno and Sloan, Johanne and Snow, Michael and Sourkes, Cheryl and Thorneycroft, Diana and Tremblay, Élène and Tremblay, Johanne and Vaillancourt, François and Verge, Pierre G.. Feuillets d'artistes, 1990-1994. Québec, Qc: Vu, 1994.
DOSSIER: 330 - VU (Québec)
Olcott, Andrew. Andrew Olcott : Let's Start Again Souvenir. Québec, Qc: Vu, 1993.
Beaulieu, Danièle and Bouchard, Ginette and Paquet, Claire and Martin, André and Plante, Pierre and Olcott, Andrew and Harvey, André and Gascon, Julie and Biron, Karole. Jeune photographie : Karole Biron, Julie Gascon, André Harvey, Andrew Olcott, Pierre Plante. Montréal, Qc: Dazibao, 1991.
DOSSIER: 330 - DAZIBAO (Montréal)