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Rogers, Mark and Roy, Hélène and Knights, Karen and Wong, Paul and Todd, Loretta and Sujir, Leila and Parsons, Gordon and Lozano, Jorge and Ouellet, Claude and Stobbe, Liz and Wright, Jane. Images 90 : Festival du film et de la vidéo indépendants = Images 90 : Festival of Independent Film and Video. Toronto, Ont.: Northern Visions, 1990.
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DOSSIER: 351 - A SPACE (Toronto)
Steele, Lisa and Robertson, Clive and Tourangeau, Jean and Johnson, Nancy and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Ross, Heather and House, Jeff and Swift, Jamie and Moses, Art and Mole, David and Robinson, Gillian and Smith, George and Beale, Alison and Goss, J. M. and Duquette, M. and Klein, Judy Graf and Wright, Jane. Fuse 5: 6 & 7. August/September. (1981).
Pagé, Suzanne and Aellen, Werner and Heath, Terrence and Cicansky, Victor and Yuristy, Russell and James, Ann and Gilhooly, David and Wright, Walter and Wright, Jane and Gusella, Ernest and Chartier, Gilles and Goldberg, Michael and Bégin, Jean-Yves and Sherman, Tom and Steele, Lisa and Bodolai, Joseph and Cruise, Stephen and Lewis, Marien and Bowers, Robert and Blakind, Alvin and Fry, Philip and Pratt, Christopher and Boyle, John and Mellen, Peter and Favro, Murray and Paquet, André and Tougas, Kirk and Eipides, Dimitri and Thériault, Normand and Dikeakos, Christos and Wallace, Ian and Jones, Bill and Charney, Melvin and Burrows, Tom and Ellis, Dean and Neil, Al and Le Vidéographe and Image Bank and General Idea. Canada Trajectoires 73. Montréal, Qc: Médiart, 1973.