Women and Peace Resource Book

Needham, Wilma and Roberts, Barbara and Dawkins, Heather and Sparling, Mary and Smyth, Donna and Tynes, Maxine and Duckworth, Muriel and Peterson, Betty and Harris, Pamela and St.George, Marie Elyse Yates and Mulligan, Lorna and Gregson, Sandra and Beare, Stephanie K. and Lemyre, Edna and Kuzyk, Deb and Manly, Eva and Boucher, Celine and Weaving, Jil P. and Johnston, Jude and Simons, Margaret and Sampson, Leslie and Marchand, Laureen and Carbert, Janice and Noyes, Danita and Sparks, Sherry Carmen and Pike, Pamela and Dornan, Linda Rae and Mayrhofer, Ingrid and Angus, Jennifer Robin and Richman, Sylvia and Musiol, Marie-Jeanne and Gallagher, Dawna and Brown, Barbara and Rogge, Helma and Busby, Cathy and Bowley, Paula and Quinn, Cathy and Sydiaha, Joanne Oldring and Potter-Mael, Brigitte and Kennedy, Paige Prichard and Cummins, Karla and Maarschalk, Jenny and Harris, Ruth Koski and Bishop, Ruth and Bociurkiw, Marusia and Never Again Affinity Group and Emma Productions and West Branch Neighbourhood Women's Group. Women and Peace Resource Book. Halifax, NS: Voice of Women, 1987.

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Abstract (English)

The authors address the role of visual art in politics and document the history of women's peace movements. Includes a directory of women's peace groups and organizations and a documentation of an exhibition presented at The Art Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax) in 1985. Statements by the artists. Biographical notes on contributors. 3 bibl. ref.


Les auteures s'intéressent au rôle dea arts visuels dans la politique et tracent l'histoire du mouvement des femmes pour la paix. Comprend un répertoire d'organisations et de groupes de femmes pour la paix et la documentation d'une exposition présentée en 1985 à la Art Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax). Textes des artistes (en anglais seulement). Notices biographiques sur les collaboratrices. 3 réf. bibl.

Types: Monographs ; Catalogues > Exhibition catalogues
All Contributors: Needham, Wilma (Editor); Needham, Wilma (Curator); Needham, Wilma (Artist); Needham, Wilma (Author); Roberts, Barbara (Author); Dawkins, Heather (Author); Sparling, Mary (Author); Smyth, Donna (Artist); Smyth, Donna (Author); Tynes, Maxine (Author); Duckworth, Muriel (Author); Peterson, Betty (Author); Harris, Pamela (Artist); Harris, Pamela (Author); St.George, Marie Elyse Yates (Artist); St.George, Marie Elyse Yates (Author); Mulligan, Lorna (Artist); Mulligan, Lorna (Author); Gregson, Sandra (Artist); Gregson, Sandra (Author); Beare, Stephanie K. (Artist); Beare, Stephanie K. (Author); Lemyre, Edna (Artist); Lemyre, Edna (Author); Kuzyk, Deb (Artist); Kuzyk, Deb (Author); Manly, Eva (Artist); Manly, Eva (Author); Boucher, Celine (Artist); Boucher, Celine (Author); Weaving, Jil P. (Artist); Weaving, Jil P. (Author); Johnston, Jude (Artist); Johnston, Jude (Author); Simons, Margaret (Artist); Simons, Margaret (Author); Sampson, Leslie (Artist); Sampson, Leslie (Author); Marchand, Laureen (Artist); Marchand, Laureen (Author); Carbert, Janice (Artist); Carbert, Janice (Author); Noyes, Danita (Artist); Noyes, Danita (Author); Sparks, Sherry Carmen (Artist); Sparks, Sherry Carmen (Author); Pike, Pamela (Artist); Pike, Pamela (Author); Dornan, Linda Rae (Artist); Dornan, Linda Rae (Author); Mayrhofer, Ingrid (Artist); Mayrhofer, Ingrid (Author); Angus, Jennifer Robin (Artist); Angus, Jennifer Robin (Author); Richman, Sylvia (Artist); Richman, Sylvia (Author); Musiol, Marie-Jeanne (Artist); Musiol, Marie-Jeanne (Author); Gallagher, Dawna (Artist); Gallagher, Dawna (Author); Brown, Barbara (Artist); Brown, Barbara (Author); Rogge, Helma (Artist); Rogge, Helma (Author); Busby, Cathy (Artist); Busby, Cathy (Author); Bowley, Paula (Artist); Bowley, Paula (Author); Quinn, Cathy (Artist); Quinn, Cathy (Author); Sydiaha, Joanne Oldring (Artist); Sydiaha, Joanne Oldring (Author); Potter-Mael, Brigitte (Artist); Potter-Mael, Brigitte (Author); Kennedy, Paige Prichard (Artist); Kennedy, Paige Prichard (Author); Cummins, Karla (Artist); Cummins, Karla (Author); Maarschalk, Jenny (Artist); Maarschalk, Jenny (Author); Harris, Ruth Koski (Artist); Harris, Ruth Koski (Author); Bishop, Ruth (Artist); Bishop, Ruth (Author); Bociurkiw, Marusia (Artist); Bociurkiw, Marusia (Author); Never Again Affinity Group; Never Again Affinity Group; Emma Productions; Emma Productions; West Branch Neighbourhood Women's Group; West Branch Neighbourhood Women's Group
Collation: 66 p. : 39 ill. ; 28 x 21 cm
ISBN: 0969280408
Language of Publication: English; French
Publishers: Halifax, NS: Voice of Women
Artists: Harris, Pamela; St.george, Marie Elyse Yates; Mulligan, Lorna; Never Again Affinity Group; Bobryk, Bonnie; Smyth, Donna; Thomas, Gillam; Needham, Wilma; Mceachern, Susan; Calder, Liz Archibald; O'donnell, Eleanor; Nanoguk, Agnes; Gregson, Sandra; Beare, Stephanie K.; Lemyre, Edna; Kuzyk, Deb; Manly, Eva; Boucher, Celine; Weaving, Jil P.; Johnston, Jude; Simons, Margaret; Sampson, Leslie; Marchand, Laureen; Carbert, Janice; Noyes, Danita; Sparks, Sherry Carmen; Pike, Pamela; Dornan, Linda Rae; Mayrhofer, Ingrid; Angus, Jennifer Robin; Richman, Sylvia; Musiol, Marie-Jeanne; Gallagher, Dawna; Brown, Barbara; Rogge, Helma; Busby, Cathy; Bowley, Paula; Quinn, Cathy; Sydiaha, Joanne Oldring; Potter-Mael, Brigitte; Kennedy, Paige Prichard; Cummins, Karla; Maarschalk, Jenny; Harris, Ruth Koski; Emma Productions; Bishop, Ruth; Bociurkiw, Marusia; West Branch Neighbourhood Women's Group; Newman, Sara; Macdougall, Elizabeth
Critics / Curators / Historians: Needham, Wilma
Event Statement: Includes documentation on an exhibition presented at the Art Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University (halifax), 17 Oct. - 11 Nov. 1985.
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