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Harris, Pamela and McGrath, Judy. The Darkroom Project : Taloyoak, 1972-1973. Toronto, Ont: Ryerson Image Centre, 2017.
Harris, Pamela and Miles, Angela and Tynes, Maxine and Morrigan, Jane and Blackbridge, Persimmon and Birch, Darlene and Mifflen, Trisha and Weintraub, Lisa and Heillig, Leona and Murphy, Hannah and Whitson, Theresa and Kine, Bea and Bersianik, Louky and Braid, Kate and Marchand, Judy and Yeo, Marian and Ridington, Jillian and Walsh, Elisabeth Cusack and Bear, Shirley and Franklin, Ursula and Davis, Judy and Daley, June and Pictou County Women's Centre, The and Christiansen-Ruffman, Linda and Eichler, Margrit and Duggan, Diane and Dauphin, Monique and Fernie, Lynne and Shannon, Esther and Leslie, Pat and Baxter, Betty and Purdy, Kris and Bishop, Heather and Finson, Shelley and Belleau, Janick and Coulter, Rebecca Priegert and Murray, Cindy and Parent, Madeleine and Morin, Sky Blue Mary and Diamond, Sara and Johnson, Eunadie and Simand, Harriet and Simand, Shirley and Williams, Wendy and Spillett, Leslie and Jackman, Nancy and Zaremba, Eve and O'Brien, Mary and Laing, Marie and Meister, Joan and Masuda, Shirley and Braundy, Marcia and MacPherson, Kay and Jones, Cathy and MacPherson, Mary and Mazerolle, Yvel and Roberts, Anita and Ralph, Diana and Schmidt, Linda and Moisan, Lise and Porter, Helen Fogwill and Bailey, Gerry and Aulotte, Philomena and Carlson, Nelly and Margetts, Jenny and Miles, Angela and Clark, Chris and Brossard, Nicole and Geltner, Gail and Livesay, Dorothy and Mothers United for Metro Shelter (MUMS) and Nellie's Hostel for Women and The Canadian Abortion Rights and Action League (CARAL) and The Birth Controle and VD Information Centre and The Croneys and Four the Moment and Power and The Quebec Immigrant Women's Collective and Making the Connections and The Raging Grannies and Tamarack and Mountain and Crossroads for Women/Carrefour pour femmes and Le point de ralliement des femmes haïtiennes and Cook Margaret and The Regina Transition Women's Society and Girls are People (GAP) and Women's Support Group. Faces of Feminism : Portraits of Women Across Canada, with Words by the Women Portrayed. Toronto, Ont.: Second Story Press, 1992.
Harris, Pamela and Steele, Lisa and Blackbridge, Persimmon and Johnson, Eunadie and Morrigan, Jane and M.u.m.s., Mothers United for Metro Shelter. Pamela Harris : Faces of Feminism = Pamela Harris : Visages du féminisme. Toronto, Ont.: Toronto Photographers Workshop, 1990.
Harris, Pamela and Steeves, George. Paired Viewpoints : Edges / Faces of Feminism, Nova Scotia. Halifax, NS: The Art Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University, 1987.
Needham, Wilma and Roberts, Barbara and Dawkins, Heather and Sparling, Mary and Smyth, Donna and Tynes, Maxine and Duckworth, Muriel and Peterson, Betty and Harris, Pamela and St.George, Marie Elyse Yates and Mulligan, Lorna and Gregson, Sandra and Beare, Stephanie K. and Lemyre, Edna and Kuzyk, Deb and Manly, Eva and Boucher, Celine and Weaving, Jil P. and Johnston, Jude and Simons, Margaret and Sampson, Leslie and Marchand, Laureen and Carbert, Janice and Noyes, Danita and Sparks, Sherry Carmen and Pike, Pamela and Dornan, Linda Rae and Mayrhofer, Ingrid and Angus, Jennifer Robin and Richman, Sylvia and Musiol, Marie-Jeanne and Gallagher, Dawna and Brown, Barbara and Rogge, Helma and Busby, Cathy and Bowley, Paula and Quinn, Cathy and Sydiaha, Joanne Oldring and Potter-Mael, Brigitte and Kennedy, Paige Prichard and Cummins, Karla and Maarschalk, Jenny and Harris, Ruth Koski and Bishop, Ruth and Bociurkiw, Marusia and Never Again Affinity Group and Emma Productions and West Branch Neighbourhood Women's Group. Women and Peace Resource Book. Halifax, NS: Voice of Women, 1987.
Robertson, Clive and Greyson, John and Richmond, Norman Otis and Sparrow, Allan and Chernovsky, Mitchell and Steele, Lisa and Robinson, Gillian and Harry, Isobel and Eginton, Meg and Harris, Valerie and Zlotkin, Norman and Chan, Anthony and Weinberg, Paul and Ruebsaat, Norbert and Crean, Susan and Ferguson, Gerald and Holzberg, Ben Mark and Cultural Workers' Alliance and Law Union of Ontario. Fuse 5: 4 & 5. May/June. (1981).
. Ottawa, Ont.: Affaires indiennes et du Nord Canada/Indian and Northern Affairs Canada