Le territoire de l'art : 1910-1990/"Laboratoire"

Hulten, Pontus and Bougaev, Serguei and Birsel, Selim and Zhen, Chen and David, Nathalie and Dragomochtchenko, Ostap and Eguelski, Denis and Endeweld, Dror and Florenskaia, Olga and Florenski, Alexandre and Goubanova, Elena and Konnikov, Pietr and Kovalev, Pavel and Le Maire, Eric and Bezroukov, Igor and Ioufit, Evgueni and Koustov, Vladimir and Krasav, Iouri and Kourmaiartsev, Andre and Morozov, Valeri and Novikov, Timour and Perdrix, Jean-Marie and Perroux, Agnes and Philippov, Mikhail and Quaytman, Rebecca and Sonneville, Alain and Stirling, Liz and Tottie, Sophie and Tucker, Paul and Veilhan, Xavier and Weiss, Andreas and Wesolowski, Chantal and Wolff, Nathalie. Le territoire de l'art : 1910-1990/"Laboratoire". Leningrad, Russie: Musée Russe, 1990.

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All Contributors: Hulten, Pontus (Curator); Hulten, Pontus (Author); Bougaev, Serguei (Artist); Bougaev, Serguei (Author); Birsel, Selim (Artist); Birsel, Selim (Author); Zhen, Chen (Artist); Zhen, Chen (Author); David, Nathalie (Artist); David, Nathalie (Author); Dragomochtchenko, Ostap (Artist); Dragomochtchenko, Ostap (Author); Eguelski, Denis (Artist); Eguelski, Denis (Author); Endeweld, Dror (Artist); Endeweld, Dror (Author); Florenskaia, Olga (Artist); Florenskaia, Olga (Author); Florenski, Alexandre (Artist); Florenski, Alexandre (Author); Goubanova, Elena (Artist); Goubanova, Elena (Author); Konnikov, Pietr (Artist); Konnikov, Pietr (Author); Kovalev, Pavel (Artist); Kovalev, Pavel (Author); Le Maire, Eric (Artist); Le Maire, Eric (Author); Bezroukov, Igor (Artist); Bezroukov, Igor (Author); Ioufit, Evgueni (Artist); Ioufit, Evgueni (Author); Koustov, Vladimir (Artist); Koustov, Vladimir (Author); Krasav, Iouri (Artist); Krasav, Iouri (Author); Kourmaiartsev, Andre (Artist); Kourmaiartsev, Andre (Author); Morozov, Valeri (Artist); Morozov, Valeri (Author); Novikov, Timour (Artist); Novikov, Timour (Author); Perdrix, Jean-Marie (Artist); Perdrix, Jean-Marie (Author); Perroux, Agnes (Artist); Perroux, Agnes (Author); Philippov, Mikhail (Artist); Philippov, Mikhail (Author); Quaytman, Rebecca (Artist); Quaytman, Rebecca (Author); Sonneville, Alain (Artist); Sonneville, Alain (Author); Stirling, Liz (Artist); Stirling, Liz (Author); Tottie, Sophie (Artist); Tottie, Sophie (Author); Tucker, Paul (Artist); Tucker, Paul (Author); Veilhan, Xavier (Artist); Veilhan, Xavier (Author); Weiss, Andreas (Artist); Weiss, Andreas (Author); Wesolowski, Chantal (Artist); Wesolowski, Chantal (Author); Wolff, Nathalie (Artist); Wolff, Nathalie (Author); Goussiev, V. (Prefacer)
Dossier: 381 - RUSSIE - MUSÉE RUSSE (Leningrad/St-Pétersbourg)
Collation: 2 vol. (62 p., [44] p.) : 99 ill. ; 32 x 20 cm
ISBN: 2702202810
Language of Publication: French; Russian
Publishers: Leningrad, Russie: Musée Russe
Artists: Bougaev, Serguei; Birsel, Selim; Zhen, Chen; David, Nathalie; Dragomochtchenko, Ostap; Eguelski, Denis; Endeweld, Dror; Florenskaia, Olga; Florenski, Alexandre; Goubanova, Elena; Konnikov, Pietr; Kovalev, Pavel; Le Maire, Eric; Bezroukov, Igor; Ioufit, Evgueni; Koustov, Vladimir; Krasav, Iouri; Kourmaiartsev, Andre; Morozov, Valeri; Novikov, Timour; Perdrix, Jean-Marie; Perroux, Agnes; Philippov, Mikhail; Quaytman, Rebecca; Sonneville, Alain; Stirling, Liz; Tottie, Sophie; Tucker, Paul; Veilhan, Xavier; Weiss, Andreas; Wesolowski, Chantal; Wolff, Nathalie; Andre, Carl; Anselmo, Giovanni; Beuys, Joseph; Broodthaers, Marcel; Buren, Daniel; De Maria, Walter; Fahlstrom, Oyvind; Fillion, Robert; Francis, Sam; Haacke, Hans; Horn, Rebecca; Johns, Jasper; Kawara, On; Klein, Yves; Kounellis, Jannis; Long, Richard; Man Ray; Manzoni, Piero; Nauman, Bruce; Newman, Barnett; Merz, Mario; Oldenburg, Claes; Paik, Nam June; Picasso, Pablo; Pollock, Jackson; Raffray, André; Rauschenberg, Robert; Ruscha, Edward; De Saint-Phalle, Niki; Sarkis; Shannon, Thomas; Tinguely, Jean; Wall, Jeff; Warhol, Andy; De Sierre, Berclaz; Boursat, Sophie; Briet, Tieri
Critics / Curators / Historians: Hulten, Pontus; Petrova, Evguenian
Art Organizations: Russia - Russian Museum (Leningrad/St-Petersburg)
Event Statement: Dates d'exposition: 31 mai - 16 juillet 1990, Musée Russe (Leningrad) ; Institut des Hautes Études en Arts Plastiques (Paris).

Don de Claude Gosselin.

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