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Myers, Terry R. and Birnbauam, Daniel and Bryson, Norman and Crimp, Douglas and Deleuze, Gilles and Egenhofer, Sebastian and Foster, Hal and Gilbert-Rolfe, Jeremy and Graw, Isabelle and Groos, Ulrike and Halle, Howard and Joselit, David and Kaneda, Shirley and Kantor, Jordan and Kapur, Geeta and Kelsey, John and Key, Joan and Lawson, Thomas and Lethem, Jonathan and Matsui, Midori and Relyea, Lane and Ricard, Rene and Rubenstein, Meyer Raphael and Saltz, Jerry and Schor, Mira and Schwabsky, Barry and Searle, Adrian and Tagg, John and Tinari, Philip and Art & Language and et alii. Painting. London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2011.
Le Feuvre, Lisa and Agamben, Giorgio and Bollig, Heike and Buchmaier, Barbara and Burton, Johanna and Cocker, Emma and Deleuze, Gilles and Dexter, Emma and Ferguson, Russell and Gillick, Liam and Heiser, Jörg and Higgie, Jennifer and Jouannais, Jean-Yves and Katzenstein, Inés and Kosuth, Joseph and Lange, Christy and Lee, Lisa and Moller, Lotte and Morgan, Stuart and Ricoeur, Paul and Sandage, Scott A. and Schmitz, Edgar and Solomon-Godeau, Abigail and Van Bruggen, Coosje and Verhagen, Marcus and et alii. Failure. London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2010.
Asher, Michael and Basar, Shumon and Baum, Devorah and Bonardel, Françoise and Büchler, Pavel and Buchloch, Benjamin and Copeland, Mathieu and Comer, Stuart and Chevrier, Jean-François and Ford, Simon and Glew, Adrian and Havranek, Vit and Heynen, Julian and Irwin, Robert and Jakovlevic, Branislav and Klein, Yves and Lippard, Lucy and Marcadé, Bernard and Marioni, Tom and Martin, Henry and Metzger, Gustav and Michaux, Henri and Michniak, Arnaud and Nickas, Bob and O'Doherty, Brian and Pacquement, Alfred and Perret, Mai-Thu and Phillpot, Clive and Pirotte, Philippe and Plant, Sadie and Rauschenberg, Robert and Riout, Denys and Rickles, Dean and Rugoff, Ralph and Savage, Jon and Schmidt-Burkhardt, Astrit and Seban, Alain and Semin, Didier and Smithson, Robert and Stevens, Graham and Surel, Olivier and Suzuki, D.t. and Tiampo, Ming and Tomii, Reiko and Toop, David and Williams, Parker and Wilson, Sarah and Art & Language. Vides : Une rétrospective. Zurich Suisse: JRP Ringier, 2009.
Rabinowitz, Cay Sophie. Apexart : 2004 Summer Exhibition. New York, NY: Apexart, 2004.
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