Myers, Terry R.; Birnbauam, Daniel; Bryson, Norman; Crimp, Douglas; Deleuze, Gilles; Egenhofer, Sebastian; Foster, Hal; Gilbert-Rolfe, Jeremy; Graw, Isabelle; Groos, Ulrike; Halle, Howard; Joselit, David; Kaneda, Shirley; Kantor, Jordan; Kapur, Geeta; Kelsey, John; Key, Joan; Lawson, Thomas; Lethem, Jonathan; Matsui, Midori; Relyea, Lane; Ricard, Rene; Rubenstein, Meyer Raphael; Saltz, Jerry; Schor, Mira; Schwabsky, Barry; Searle, Adrian; Tagg, John; Tinari, Philip and Art & Language; et alii. Painting. London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2011.

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Abstract (English)

"This is a guide to painting's multiple discourses from that moment, going beyond the modern/postmodern dialectic and redefining the conditions necessary for an artwork to be described as 'painting' in today's and tomorrow's world" -- p. [4] of cover.

Types: Anthologies, essays, collections
All Contributors: Myers, Terry R. (Author); Myers, Terry R. (Editor); Birnbauam, Daniel (Author); Bryson, Norman (Author); Crimp, Douglas (Author); Deleuze, Gilles (Author); Egenhofer, Sebastian (Author); Foster, Hal (Author); Gilbert-Rolfe, Jeremy (Author); Graw, Isabelle (Author); Groos, Ulrike (Author); Halle, Howard (Author); Joselit, David (Author); Kaneda, Shirley (Author); Kantor, Jordan (Author); Kapur, Geeta (Author); Kelsey, John (Author); Key, Joan (Author); Lawson, Thomas (Author); Lethem, Jonathan (Author); Matsui, Midori (Author); Relyea, Lane (Author); Ricard, Rene (Author); Rubenstein, Meyer Raphael (Author); Saltz, Jerry (Author); Schor, Mira (Author); Schwabsky, Barry (Author); Searle, Adrian (Author); Tagg, John (Author); Tinari, Philip (Author); Art & Language; et alii
Dossier: 800 - PEINTURE / PAINTING
Collation: 239 p. ; 21 cm
ISBN: 9780854881888
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press
Artists: Alÿs, Francis; Appel, Kevin; Brown, Glen; Büchler, Pavel; Buren, Daniel; Calame, Ingrid; Celmins, Vija; Currin, John; Dodiya, Atul; Dumas, Marlene; Eliasson, Olafur; Frize, Bernard; Grosse, Katharina; Gursky, Andreas; Guyton, Wade; Halley, Peter; Heilmann, Mary; Hume, Gary; Jackson, Vanessa; Kippenberger, Martin; Koether, Jutta; Krebber, Michael; Lasker, Jonathan; Mccarthy, Paul; Mcclelland, Suzanne; Milhazes, Beatriz; Minter, Marilyn; Murakami, Takashi; Nair, Surendran; Ochiai, Tam; Oehlen, Albert; Pittman, Lari; Polke, Sigmar; Prieto, Monique; Richter, Gerhard; Ryman, Robert; Salle, David; Samba, Chéri; Sarmento, Julião; Shaw, Jim; Stockholder, Jessica; Sugito, Hiroshi; Taaffe, Philip; Tuymans, Luc; Wall, Jeff; Williams, Sue
Copyright Statement: Whitechapel Gallery Ventures Unlimited, the authors or the estates of the authors, unless otherwise stated.
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Includes extracts taken from previously published texts.
Includes bibliographical references and index.

Series Name: Documents of Contemporary Art
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