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Farr, Ian and Birnbauam, Daniel and Bourriaud, Nicolas and Burgin, Victor and Burton, Johanna and Demos, T.j. and Dyens, Ollivier and Enwezor, Okwui and Fer, Briony and Fortin, Sylvie and Foster, Hal and Halbwachs, Maurice and Iverson, Margaret and Jay, Martin and McDonough, Tom and Newman, Michael and Nora, Pierre and Perec, Georges and Phelan, Peggy and Reust, Hans Rudolf and Ricoeur, Paul and Saltzman, Lisa and Sedofsky, Lauren and Shattuck, Roger and Sheringham, Michael and Stiegler, Bernard and Sundell, Margaret and Verwoert, Jan and Pil & Galia Kollectiv and et alii. Memory. London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2012.
Barthes, Roland and Baudrillard, Jean and Bellour, Raymond and Bragaglia, Anton Giulio and Burgin, Victor and Cartier-Bresson, Henri and Deleuze, Gilles and Durand, Régis and de Duve, Thierry and Eisenstein, Sergei and Figgis, Mike and Gaensheimer, Susanne and Goldin, Nan and Gunning, Tom and Metz, Christian and Mulvey, Laura and Moholy Nagy, Laszlo and Newhall, Beaumont and Orlow, Uriel and Pasolini, Pie and Penley, Constance and Prince, Richard and Reich, Steve and Rim, Carlo and Sontag, Susan and Stimson, Blake and Tarantino, Michael and Varda, Agnès and Wollen, Peter and Campany, David. The Cinematic. London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2007.
Despoix, Philippe and Bernier, Christine and Amelunxen, Hubertus von and Schütz, Sabine and Kuni, Verena and Burgin, Victor and Habib, André and Moine, Caroline. Colloque international Max et Iris Stern : arts de mémoire, matériaux, médias, mythologies. Montréal, Qc: Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, 2007.
Osborne, Peter and Duchamp, Marcel and Cage, John and Klein, Yves and Kaprow, Allan and Morris, Robert and Johns, Jasper and Maciunas, George and Beckett, Samuel and Ono, Yoko and Latham, John and Goodman, Nelson and Acconci, Vito and Piper, Adrian and Lewin, Curt and Kubler, George and Lewitt, Sol and Bochner, Mel and Burnham, Jack and Lippard, Lucy R. and Chandler, John and Atkinson, Terry and Kozlowski, Jaroslaw and Buchloh, Benjamin H. D. and Saussure, Ferdinand de and Wittgenstein, Ludwig and Kuhn, Thomas S. and Smithson, Robert and Barry, Robert and Huebler, Douglas and Kosuth, Joseph and Siegelaub, Seth and Weiner, Lawrence and Burn, Ian and Cutforth, Roger and Ramsden, Mel and Burgin, Victor and Drucker, Johanna and Debord, Guy and Goffman, Erving and Clark, Lygia and Metzger, Gustav and Ehrenzweig, Anton and Ukeles, Mierle Laderman and Graham, Dan and Wall, Jeff and Steveni, Barbara and Marx, Karl and Barthes, Roland and Costa, Eduardo and Escari, Raul and Jacoby, Roberto and Oiticica, Hélio and Marcuse, Herbert and Meireles, Cildo and Parker, Roszika and Kelly, Mary and Rosler, Martha and Alberro, Alexander and Adorno, Theodor W. and Horkheimer, Max and Malraux, André and Claura, Michel and Buren, Daniel and O'Doherty, Brian and Asher, Michael and Baudrillard, Jean and Foster, Hal and Newman, Michael and Art & Language. Conceptual Art. London, England: Phaidon Press, 2002.
Alberro, Alexander and Stimson, Blake and Atkinson, Terry and Baldwin, Michael and Barry, Robert and Battcock, Gregory and Bochner, Mel and Bode, Sigmund and Broodthaers, Marcel and Buchloh, Benjamin H. D. and Buren, Daniel and Burgin, Victor and Burn, Ian and Burnham, Jack and Camnitzer, Luis and Chandler, John and Charlesworth, Sarah and Claura, Michel and Clay, Jean and Corris, Michael and Costa, Eduardo and Crow, Thomas and Darboven, Hanne and Escari, Raúl and Gilardi, Piero and Graham, Dan and Gramuglio, María Teresa and Haacke, Hans and Harrison, Charles and Jacoby, Roberto and Kelly, Mary and Kosuth, Joseph and Kozloff, Max and Kozlov, Christine and Lewitt, Sol and Lippard, Lucy R. and Lozano, Lee and McShine, Kynaston and Meireles, Cildo and Mosset, Olivier and Murphy, John and O'Doherty, Brian and Oiticica, Hélio and Parmentier, Michel and Piper, Adrian and Rainer, Yvonne and Ramírez, Mari Carmen and Rosa, Nicolás and Rosenberg, Harold and Rosler, Martha and Sekula, Allan and Smith, Terry and Smithson, Robert and Spear, Athena Tacha and Toroni, Niele and Ukeles, Mierle Laderman and Wall, Jeff and Wedewer, Rolf and Wilson, Ian and Art and Language. Conceptual Art : A Critical Anthology. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1999.
Anon. Un mobile home dans le désert. Bruxelles, Belgique: La Lettre Volée, 1998.
DOSSIER: 390 - LETTRE VOLÉE, La (Bruxelles)
Lamelas, David and Arnatt, Keith and Barry, Robert and Brouwn, Stanley and Buren, Daniel and Burgin, Victor and Claura, Michel and Latham, John and Lippard, Lucy R. and Maloney, Martin and Reise, Barbara M. and Weiner, Lawrence and Wilson, Ian and Gilbert & George. David Lamelas : Publication. [London, England]: Nigel Greenwood, 1997.
Anon. 19 Projects : Artists-in-Residence at the MIT List Visual Arts Center. Cambridge, MA: MIT List Visual Arts Center, 1996.
Bernier, Christine and Dubreuil-Blondin, Nicole and Jay, Martin and Douglas, Susan and Greenberg, Reesa and Stafford, Barbara Maria and Kelly, Mary and Cubitt, Sean and Burgin, Victor and Piper, Adrian. Définitions de la culture visuelle II : Utopies modernistes -Postformalisme et pureté de la vision = Definitions of Visual Culture II : Modernist Utopias - Postformalism and Pure Visuality. Montréal, Qc: Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, 1996.
Stiles, Kristine and Selz, Peter and Newman, Barnett and Rothko, Mark and Motherwell, Robert and Bastian, Heiner and Smith, David and Barr, Alfred H. and Tapié, Michel and Michaux, Henri and Fontana, Lucio and Vedova, Emilio and Burri, Alberto and Baumeister, Willi and Tàpies, Antoni and Kantor, Tadeusz and Kirkeby, Per and Kiefer, Anselm and Bill, Max and Lohse, Richard Paul and Manzoni, Piero and Klein, Yves and Biederman, Charles and Dekkers, Ad and Reinhardt, Ad and Kelly, Ellsworth and Truitt, Anne and Albers, Josef and Vasarely, Victor and Riley, Bridget and Stella, Frank and Judd, Donald and Andre, Carl and Flavin, Dan and Martin, Agnes and Marden, Brice and Buren, Daniel and Jensen, Alfred and Schapiro, Miriam and Meyer, Melissa and Jaudon, Valerie and Kozloff, Joyce and Halley, Peter and Léger, Fernand and Guttuso, Renato and Beckmann, Max and Tillich, Paul and Sartre, Jean-Paul and Malraux, André and Dubuffet, Jean and Niewenhuys, Constant and Appel, Karel and Sandberg, Willem and Freud, Lucian and Kitaj, R.b. and Hockney, David and Rivers, Larry and Pisteletto, Michelangelo and Pearlstein, Philip and Rainer, Arnulf and Guston, Philip and Baselitz, Georg and Abakanowicz, Magdalena and Rothenberg, Susan and Fischl, Eric and Schnabel, Julian and Weber, John Pitnam and Helms, Jesse and Serrano, Andres and Hamilton, Richard and Roth, Dieter and Fahlström, Öyvind and Restany, Pierre and Spoerri, Daniel and de Saint-Phalle, Niki and Pascali, Pino and Grigorescu, Ion and Cragg, Tony and Rauschenberg, Robert and Johns, Jasper and Brecht, George and Oldenburg, Claes and Warhol, Andy and Samaras, Lucas and Johnson, Ray and Ruscha, Edward and Chicago, Judy and Donaldson, Jeff and Haring, Keith and Scharf, Kenny and Wojnarowicz, David and Levine, Sherrie and Koons, Jeff and Schöffer, Nicolas and Metzger, Gustav and Tinguely, Jean and Piene, Otto and Mack, Heinz and Klüver, Billy and Pauline, Mark and Wodiczko, Krysztof and Paik, Nam June and Davis, Douglas and Schum, Gerry and Gillette, Frank and Kubota, Shigeko and Viola, Bill and d'Agostino, Peter and Hershman, Lynn and Rosler, Martha and Krueger, Myron W. and Weibel, Peter and Shaw, Jeffrey and Ascott, Roy and Paz, Octavio and Kiesler, Frederick and Nevelson, Louise and Kienholz, Edward and Noguchi, Isamu and Lin, Maya and De Maria, Walter and Smithson, Robert and Heizer, Michael and Oppenheim, Dennis and Holt, Nancy and Denes, Agnes and Sonfist, Alan and Rothenberg, Susan and Aycock, Alice and Long, Richard and Harrison, Helen Meyer and Harrison, Newton and Irwin, Robert and Turrell, James and Morris, Robert and Hesse, Eva and Serra, Richard and Nauman, Bruce and Ryman, Robert and Tuttle, Richard and Gilliam, Sam Jr. and Ukeles, Mierle Laderman and Hamilton, Ann and Clark, Kathryn and Thompson, Mark and Beuys, Joseph and Walther, Franz Erhard and Horn, Rebecca and Flanagan, Barry and Dibbets, Jan and Celant, Germano and Merz, Mario and Penone, Giuseppe and Gan, Pinchas Cohen and Yoshihara, Jiro and Mathieu, Georges and Debord, Guy and Cage, John and Kaprow, Allan and Schneemann, Carolee and Lebel, Jean-Jacques and Ortiz, Raphael Montañez and Vostell, Wolf and Maciunas, George and Higgins, Dick and Filliou, Robert and Ono, Yoko and Knízák, Milan and Berés, Jerzy and Nitsch, Hermann and Mühl, Otto and Brus, Günter and Export, Valie and Rosenbach, Ulricke and Acconci, Vito and Burden, Chris and Antin, Eleanor and Marioni, Tom and Lacy, Suzanne and Piper, Adrian and Sherman, Cindy and Finley, Karen and Duchamp, Marcel and Flynt, Henry and Lewitt, Sol and Bochner, Mel and Graham, Dan and Siegelaub, Seth and Barry, Robert and Weiner, Lawrence and Huebler, Douglas and Kosuth, Joseph and Popovic, Zoran and Burgin, Victor and Kelly, Mary and Brouwn, Stanley and Agnetti, Vincenzo and Latham, John and Broodthaers, Marcel and Haacke, Hans and Fischer, Hervé and Baldessari, John and Wols and Takis and Groupe de Recherche d'Art Visuel and Stelarc and Christo and Situationist International and AA Commune and Art and Language and Group Material and Ben (Ben Vautier). Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art : A Sourcebook of Artists' Writings. London, England: University of California Press, 1996.
Taylor, Lucien and Weinberger, Eliot and MacDougall, David and Weiner, Annette B. and Nichols, Bill and Stoller, Paul and MacCannell, Dean and Moore, Henrietta L. and Moore, Rachel and Suleiman, Susan Rubin and Foster, Hal and Jay, Martin and Taussig, Michael and Seremetakis, C. Nadia and Burgin, Victor and Strathern, Marilyn and Jordanova, Ludmila and MacDougall, David and Tomas, David and Blanchard, Marc and Traybe, Elizabeth G. and Redfield, Peter and Jules-Rosette, Bennetta and Lutz, Catherine and Collins, Jane and Macfarlane, Alan and Pinney, Christopher and Chen, Nancy N. and Minh-Ha, Trinh T. and Bhabha, Homi. Visualizing Theory : Selected Essays from V.A.R., 1990-1994. New York, NY: Routledge, 1994.
De Wyzewa, Téodor and Signac, Paul and Gauguin, Paul and Freud, Sigmund and Weininger, Otto and Cézanne, Paul and Denis, Maurice and Meier-Graefe, Julius and de Chirico, Giorgio and Endell, August and Derain, André and Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig and Worringer, Wilhelm and Matisse, Henri and Fry, Roger and Kandinsky, Wassily and Marc, Franz and Macke, August and Nolde, Emil and Kokoschka, Oskar and Shevchenko, Alexander and Croce, Benedetto and Bell, Clive and Bahr, Hermann and Simmel, Georg and Weber, Max and Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich and Bergson, Henri and Blok, Alexander and Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso and Boccioni, Umberto and Delaunay, Robert and Lewis, Percy Wyndham and Marc, Franz and Léger, Fernand and Gaudier-Brzeska, Henri and Kraus, Karl and Malevich, Kasimir and Metzinger, Jean and Appolinaire, Guillaume and Rivière, Jacques and Gleizes, Albert and Metzinger, Jean and Léger, Fernand and Rozanova, Olga and Kahnweiler, Daniel-Henri and Braque, Georges and Spengler, Oswald and Carrà, Carlo and Rosenberg, Léonce and Jeanneret, Charles Edouard (Le Corbusier) and Ozenfant, Amédée and Derain, André and Lewis, Percy Wyndham and Gris, Juan and Ball, Hugo and Duchamp, Marcel and Tzara, Tristan and Hülsenbeck, Richard and Hausmann, Raoul and Blok, Alexander and Gropius, Walter and Beckmann, Max and Peichstein, Max and Grosz, George and Picabia, Francis and Ray, Man and Shklovsky, Viktor and van Doesburg, Theo and Mondrian, Piet and Gabo, Naum and Pevsner, Anton and Lissitsky, El and Tatlin, Vladimir and Popova, Lyubov and Punin, Nikolai and Rodchenko, Alexander and Stepanova, Varvara and Gan, Alexei and Lissitsky, El and Ehrenberg, Ilya and Brik, Osip and Klee, Paul and Crane, Hart and Hofmann, Hans and Strzeminski, Wladyslaw and Gabo, Naum and Hepworth, Barbara and Lassaw, Ibram and Nicholson, Ben and Siqueiros, David A. and Dix, Otto and Grosz, George and Rosenberg, Alfred and Lukacs, Georg and Rivera, Diego and Sironi, Mario and Zhdanov, Andrei and Davis, Stuart and Weinstock, Clarence and Wood, Grant and Klingender, Francis and Hitler, Adolf and Trotsky, Leon and Aragon, Louis and Breton, André and Herzfelde, Wieland and Brik, Osip and Tretyakov, Sergei and Kracauer, Siegfried and Volosinov, V.n. and Bataille, Georges and Dali, Salvador and Brecht, Bertolt and Léger, Fernand and Malevich, Kasimir and Read, Herbert and Schapiro, Meyer and Mukarovsky, Jan and Adorno, Theodor and Bloch, Ernst and Rosenberg, Harold and Pollock, Jackson and Gottlieb, Harold and Rothko, Mark and Newman, Barnett and Still, Clyfford and Sartre, Jean-Paul and Dubuffet, Jean and Artaud, Antonin and Beckett, Samuel and Duthuit, Georges and Lacan, Jacques and Atlan, Jean-Michel and Ponge, Francis and Camus, Albert and Tapié, Michel and Baselitz, George and Bacon, Francis and De Vlaminck, Maurice and Horkheimer, Max and Motherwell, Robert and Picasso, Pablo and Fontana, Lucio and Kemenov, Vladimir and Jorn, Asger and Fougeron, André and Dondero, George and Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr. and Barr, Alfred H. Jr. and Shahn, Ben and Moore, Henry and Barthes, Roland and Debord, Guy and Alloway, Lawrence and Kaprow, Alan and Manzoni, Piero and Restany, Pierre and Williams, Raymond and Cage, John and Johns, Jasper and Hamilton, Richard and Oldenburg, Claes and Warhol, Andy and Lichtenstein, Roy and Kubler, George and McLuhan, Marshall and Smith, Tony and Robbe-Grillet, Alain and Smith, David and Merleau-Ponty, Maurice and Grennberg, Clement and Adorno, Theodor and Fried, Michel and Olitski, Jules and Cavell, Stanley and Tucker, William and Scott, Yim and Wollheim, Richard and Klein, Yves and Stella, Frank and Reinhardt, Ad and Judd, Donald and Morris, Robert and LeWitt, Sol and Barry, Robert and Kosuth, Joseph and Buren, Daniel and Mosset, Olivier and Parmentier, Michel and Toroni, Niele and Atkinson, Terry and Baldwin, Michael and Burn, Ian and Ramsden, Mel and Weiner, Lawrence and Burgin, Victor and Murphy, John A. and Celant, Germano and Lippard, Lucy and Beuys, Joseph and Haacke, Hans and Burn, Ian and Derrida, Jacques and Foucault, Michel and Althusser, Louis and Kuhn, Thomas and Smithson, Robert and Steinberg, Leo and Krauss, Rosalind and Baudrillard, Jean and Kristeva, Julia and Mulvey, Laura and Jameson, Fredric and Williams, Raymond and Bell, Daniel and Lyotard, Jean-François and Habermas, Jurgen and Judd, Donald and Richter, Gerhard and Owens, Craig and Foster, Hal and Levine, Sherrie and Kruger, Barbara and Halley, Peter and Steinbach, Haim and Koons, Jeff and Taaffe, Philip and Bickerton, Ashley and Said, Edward and Kelly, Mary and Wodiczko, Krzysztof and Rose, Jacqueline and Mitchell, W.j.t. and Schier, Flint and Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorti and Serra, Richard and Novembergruppe and Novembergruppe Opposition and De Stijl and UNOVIS and KOMFUT and Abstraction-Création and American Abstract Artists and AKhRR and Red Group and ARBKD and Central Committee for All-Union Communist Party and John Reed Club of New York and October and Constant and Art Workers' Coalition and Art & Language. Art in Theory 1900-1990 : An Anthology of Changing Ideas. Cambridge, MA: Blackwell Publishers, 1992.
Squiers, Carol and Krauss, Rosalind and Ritchin, Fred and Vance, Carole S. and Solomon-Godeau, Abigail and Grundberg, Andy and Deutsche, Rosalyn and Kolbowski, Silvia and Metz, Christian and Burgin, Victor and Watney, Simon and Myers, Kathy and Pollock, Griselda and Lukitsch, Joanne. The Critical Image : Essays on Contemporary Photography. Seattle, WA: Bay Press, 1990.
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Minh-Ha, Trinh T. and Weema, Carrie Mae and Hatch, Connie and Casebere, James and Wojnarowicz, David and Anderson, Laurie and Smithson, Robert and Mullican, Matt and Turyn, Anne and Fiengo, Robert and Levine, Sherrie and Nauman, Bruce and Baldessari, John and Holzer, Jenny and Sekula, Allan and Piper, Adrian and Rosler, Martha and Lawson, Thomas and Bogosian, Eric and Gray, Spalding and Watney, Simon and Kyung Cha, Theresa Hak and Sundiata, Sekou and Hill, Candace and Williams, Reese and Nadin, Peter and Mueller, Cookie and DeJong, Constance and Acker, Kathy and Tillman, Lynne and Indiana, Gary and Jackson, Suzanne and Warrick, Jane and Burgin, Victor and Vicuña, Cecilia and Bleckner, Ross and Salle, David and Halley, Peter and Barry, Judith and Graham, Dan and Wegman, William and Parkerson, Michelle and Rainer, Yvonne and Kolbowski, Silvia and Kruger, Barbara and Prince, Richard and Edgar Heap of Birds. Blasted Allegories : An Anthology of Writings by Contemporary Artists. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press; New York, NY: The New Museum of Contemporary Art, 1987.
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Talking Back to the Media.. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Stichting/Foundation Talking Back to the Media
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Compton, Michael and Cork, Richard and Nairne, Sandy and Crichton, Fenella and Bex, Florent and Van Tieghem, Jean-Pierre and Gentils, Anny and Lietart, Agnès and Gildemyn, M.-P. and Declercq, Joost and Lhost, Daniel and Burgin, Victor and Craig-Martin, Michael and Head, Tim and Law, Bob and Denmark, and Smets, Michel. J.P. 2 : Art actuel en Belgique et en Grande-Bretagne = J.P. 2 : Aktuele Kunst in België en Groot-Brittanië. Bruxelles, Belgique: Société des Expositions du Palais des beaux-arts de Bruxelles, 1979.
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