The Cinematic

Barthes, Roland; Baudrillard, Jean; Bellour, Raymond; Bragaglia, Anton Giulio; Burgin, Victor; Cartier-Bresson, Henri; Deleuze, Gilles; Durand, Régis; de Duve, Thierry; Eisenstein, Sergei; Figgis, Mike; Gaensheimer, Susanne; Goldin, Nan; Gunning, Tom; Metz, Christian; Mulvey, Laura; Moholy Nagy, Laszlo; Newhall, Beaumont; Orlow, Uriel; Pasolini, Pie; Penley, Constance; Prince, Richard; Reich, Steve; Rim, Carlo; Sontag, Susan; Stimson, Blake; Tarantino, Michael; Varda, Agnès; Wollen, Peter; Campany, David. The Cinematic. London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2007.

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Abstract (English)

"This reader surveys the rich history of relationships between the moving and the still image in photography and film, tracing their ever-changing dialogue since early modernism" -- p. [4] of cover.

Types: Anthologies, essays, collections
All Contributors: Barthes, Roland (Author); Baudrillard, Jean (Author); Bellour, Raymond (Author); Bragaglia, Anton Giulio (Author); Burgin, Victor (Author); Cartier-Bresson, Henri (Author); David, Catherine (Artist); Deleuze, Gilles (Author); Durand, Régis (Author); de Duve, Thierry (Author); Eisenstein, Sergei (Author); Figgis, Mike (Author); Gaensheimer, Susanne (Author); Goldin, Nan (Author); Gunning, Tom (Author); Metz, Christian (Author); Mulvey, Laura (Author); Moholy Nagy, Laszlo (Author); Newhall, Beaumont (Author); Orlow, Uriel (Author); Pasolini, Pie (Author); Penley, Constance (Author); Prince, Richard (Author); Reich, Steve (Author); Rim, Carlo (Author); Sontag, Susan (Author); Stimson, Blake (Author); Tarantino, Michael (Author); Varda, Agnès (Author); Wollen, Peter (Author); Campany, David (Author); Campany, David (Editor); et alii
Dossier: 800 - CINÉMA / CINEMA
Collation: 221 p. ; 21 cm
ISBN: 9780854881529
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press
Artists: Ackerman, Chantal; Antonioni, Michelangelo; Coleman, James; Crewdson, Gregory; Dean, Tacita; Doherty, Willie; Douglas, Stan; Gordon, Douglas; Marker, Chris; Mcqueen, Steve; Muybridge, Eadweard; Ristelhueber, Sophie; Trockel, Rosemarie; Sherman, Cindy; Snow, Michael; Viola, Bill; Wall, Jeff; Warhol, Andy
Copyright Statement: Whitechapel Gallery Ventures Unlimited, the authors, unless otherwise stated.
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Includes extracts taken from previously published texts.
Includes bibliographical references and index.

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