Conceptual Art

Osborne, Peter and Duchamp, Marcel and Cage, John and Klein, Yves and Kaprow, Allan and Morris, Robert and Johns, Jasper and Maciunas, George and Beckett, Samuel and Ono, Yoko and Latham, John and Goodman, Nelson and Acconci, Vito and Piper, Adrian and Lewin, Curt and Kubler, George and Lewitt, Sol and Bochner, Mel and Burnham, Jack and Lippard, Lucy R. and Chandler, John and Atkinson, Terry and Kozlowski, Jaroslaw and Buchloh, Benjamin H. D. and Saussure, Ferdinand de and Wittgenstein, Ludwig and Kuhn, Thomas S. and Smithson, Robert and Barry, Robert and Huebler, Douglas and Kosuth, Joseph and Siegelaub, Seth and Weiner, Lawrence and Burn, Ian and Cutforth, Roger and Ramsden, Mel and Burgin, Victor and Drucker, Johanna and Debord, Guy and Goffman, Erving and Clark, Lygia and Metzger, Gustav and Ehrenzweig, Anton and Ukeles, Mierle Laderman and Graham, Dan and Wall, Jeff and Steveni, Barbara and Marx, Karl and Barthes, Roland and Costa, Eduardo and Escari, Raul and Jacoby, Roberto and Oiticica, Hélio and Marcuse, Herbert and Meireles, Cildo and Parker, Roszika and Kelly, Mary and Rosler, Martha and Alberro, Alexander and Adorno, Theodor W. and Horkheimer, Max and Malraux, André and Claura, Michel and Buren, Daniel and O'Doherty, Brian and Asher, Michael and Baudrillard, Jean and Foster, Hal and Newman, Michael and Art & Language. Conceptual Art. London, England: Phaidon Press, 2002.

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Abstract (English)

Providing a re-examination of what Osborne identifies as a major turning point in contemporary art, this monograph takes a chronological and stylistic look at conceptual art from its “pre-history” (1950-1960) to contemporary practices that use conceptual strategies. Osborne surveys the development of the movement in relation to the social, cultural and political contexts within which it evolved. With extended captions, key works are compiled according to ten themes that also serve to present a collection of critical texts, artists’ statements, interviews and commentaries. Includes biographical notes on artists (6 p.) and authors (2 p.), a bibliography (2 p.) and an onomastic index (4 p.) Circa 150 bibl. ref.

Types: Monographs
All Contributors: Osborne, Peter (Editor); Osborne, Peter (Author); Duchamp, Marcel (Artist); Duchamp, Marcel (Author); Cage, John (Artist); Cage, John (Author); Klein, Yves (Artist); Klein, Yves (Author); Kaprow, Allan (Artist); Kaprow, Allan (Author); Morris, Robert (Artist); Morris, Robert (Author); Johns, Jasper (Artist); Johns, Jasper (Author); Maciunas, George (Artist); Maciunas, George (Author); Beckett, Samuel (Author); Ono, Yoko (Artist); Ono, Yoko (Author); Latham, John (Artist); Latham, John (Author); Goodman, Nelson (Author); Acconci, Vito (Artist); Acconci, Vito (Author); Piper, Adrian (Artist); Piper, Adrian (Author); Lewin, Curt (Author); Kubler, George (Author); Lewitt, Sol (Artist); Lewitt, Sol (Author); Bochner, Mel (Artist); Bochner, Mel (Author); Burnham, Jack (Author); Lippard, Lucy R. (Author); Chandler, John (Author); Atkinson, Terry (Artist); Atkinson, Terry (Author); Kozlowski, Jaroslaw (Artist); Kozlowski, Jaroslaw (Author); Buchloh, Benjamin H. D. (Author); Saussure, Ferdinand de (Author); Wittgenstein, Ludwig (Author); Kuhn, Thomas S. (Author); Smithson, Robert (Artist); Smithson, Robert (Author); Barry, Robert (Artist); Barry, Robert (Author); Huebler, Douglas (Artist); Huebler, Douglas (Author); Kosuth, Joseph (Artist); Kosuth, Joseph (Author); Siegelaub, Seth (Author); Weiner, Lawrence (Artist); Weiner, Lawrence (Author); Burn, Ian (Artist); Burn, Ian (Author); Cutforth, Roger (Author); Ramsden, Mel (Artist); Ramsden, Mel (Author); Burgin, Victor (Artist); Burgin, Victor (Author); Drucker, Johanna (Author); Debord, Guy (Artist); Debord, Guy (Author); Goffman, Erving (Author); Clark, Lygia (Artist); Clark, Lygia (Author); Metzger, Gustav (Author); Ehrenzweig, Anton (Author); Ukeles, Mierle Laderman (Artist); Ukeles, Mierle Laderman (Author); Graham, Dan (Artist); Graham, Dan (Author); Wall, Jeff (Artist); Wall, Jeff (Author); Steveni, Barbara (Author); Marx, Karl (Author); Barthes, Roland (Author); Costa, Eduardo (Author); Escari, Raul (Author); Jacoby, Roberto (Author); Oiticica, Hélio (Artist); Oiticica, Hélio (Author); Marcuse, Herbert (Author); Meireles, Cildo (Artist); Meireles, Cildo (Author); Parker, Roszika (Author); Kelly, Mary (Artist); Kelly, Mary (Author); Rosler, Martha (Artist); Rosler, Martha (Author); Alberro, Alexander (Author); Adorno, Theodor W. (Author); Horkheimer, Max (Author); Malraux, André (Author); Claura, Michel (Author); Buren, Daniel (Artist); Buren, Daniel (Author); O'Doherty, Brian (Author); Asher, Michael (Artist); Asher, Michael (Author); Baudrillard, Jean (Author); Foster, Hal (Author); Newman, Michael (Author); Art & Language; Art & Language
Collation: 304 p. : circa 300 ill. (some in col.) ; 30 x 26 cm. - (Themes and Movements)
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: London, England: Phaidon Press
Artists: Acconci, Vito; Ader, Bas Jan; Akasegawa, Genpei; Antin, Eleanor; Arakawa; Arman; Art And Language; Art Workers Coalition; Asher, Michael; Atkinson, Terry; Baldessari, John; Baldwin, Michael; Barry, Robert; Becher, Bernd & Hilla; Beuys, Joseph; Bochner, Mel; Boetti, Alighiero; Bony, Oscar; Brecht, George; Broodthaers, Marcel; Brouwn, Stanley; Buren, Daniel; Burgin, Victor; Burn, Ian; Cage, John; Calle, Sophie; Chicago, Judy; Christo & Jeanne-Claude; Clark, Lygia; Coleman, James; Darboven, Hanne; Debord, Guy; Dibbets, Jan; Dimitrijevic, Braco; Doherty, Willie; Duchamp, Marcel; Fulton, Hamish; Gober, Robert; Gonzales-Torres, Felix; Gostomski, Zbigniew; Graham, Dan; Grupo De Artistas De Vanguardia; Haacke, Hans; Hajas, Tibor; Harrison, Margaret; Hesse, Eva; Hi Red Center; Hiller, Susan; Hilliard, John; Holzer, Jenny; Huebler, Douglas; Hunt, Kay; Jaar, Alfredo; Johns, Jasper; Kabakov, Ilya; Kantor, Tadeusz; Kaprow, Allan; Kawara, On; Kelly, Mary; Kienholz, Ed; Klein, Yves; Komar And Melamid; Kosuth, Joseph; Kozlov, Christine; Kozlowski, Jaroslaw; Kruger, Barbara; Kubota, Shigeko; Latham, John; Lawler, Louise; Levine, Sherrie; Lewitt, Sol; Long, Richard; Mccollum, Allan; Maciunas, George; Manzoni, Piero; Matta-Clark, Gordon; Matsuzawa, Yutaka; Meireles, Cildo; Mendieta, Ana; Miyajima, Tatsuo; Morris, Robert; Murakami, Saburo; Nauman, Bruce; N.E. Thing Co.; Baxter, Iain; Baxter, Ingrid; Oiticica, Hélio; Ono, Yoko; Opalka, Roman; Paik, Nam June; Piper, Adrian; Pivovarov, Victor; Ramsden, Mel; Rauschenberg, Robert; Rosler, Martha; Ruscha, Edward; Schneemann, Carolee; Serra, Richard; Shimamoto, Shozo; Shiomi, Meiko (Chieko); Shiraga, Fujiko; Shiraga, Kazuo; Smithson, Robert; Snow, Michael; Toroni, Niele; Ukeles, Mierle Laderman; Wall, Jeff; Warhol, Andy; Weiner, Lawrence; Wilke, Hannah; Wilson, Fred; Wodiczko, Krzysztof; Young, La Monte; Zhang, Huan
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