In a Different Light : Visual Culture, Sexual Identity, Queer Practice

Blake, Nayland; Rinder, Lawrence; Scholder, Amy; Hammond, Harmony; Wolverton, Terry; Cameron, Dan; Hawkins, Richard; Cooper, Dennis; Watson, Simon; Gregg, Pam; Tyson, Nicole; Harris, Bertha; Samaras, Connie; Giorno, John; Johnston, Jill; Orloff, Alvin; Gomez, jewelle; Goldsby, Jackie; Chua, Lawrence; DiMassa, Diane; Solanas, Valerie; Jones, G.b.; Smith, Jack; Tropicana, Carmelita; Cooper, Dennis; Ingolia, Tyler; Acker, Kathy; Stadler, Matthew; Wojnarowicz, David. In a Different Light : Visual Culture, Sexual Identity, Queer Practice. San Francisco, CA: City Light Books; Berkeley, CA: s.n., 1995.

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Abstract (English)

This catalogue represents a series of nine exhibitions on the theme of homosexuality in the arts. With the participation of 112 mainly American artists, there are also seven texts documenting specific exhibitions presented between 1978 and 1991, as well as excepts from 19 historical works. In his introduction, Rinder sets the very broad parameter for the exhibition, while the works have elements of importance to the question of homosexuality and its relation to art, the artists themselves need not be gay or lesbian. Blake elaborates on his choice of curatorial principles: intergenerational slices, mixed artists, queer and straight, oriented towards the public, and representative of the artists themselves. Brief biographical notes on the three editors/curators. 3 bibl. ref.

Types: Catalogues > Exhibition catalogues
All Contributors: Blake, Nayland (Curator); Blake, Nayland (Editor); Blake, Nayland (Author); Rinder, Lawrence (Curator); Rinder, Lawrence (Editor); Rinder, Lawrence (Author); Scholder, Amy (Curator); Scholder, Amy (Editor); Scholder, Amy (Author); Hammond, Harmony (Author); Wolverton, Terry (Author); Cameron, Dan (Author); Hawkins, Richard (Author); Cooper, Dennis (Author); Watson, Simon (Author); Gregg, Pam (Author); Tyson, Nicole (Author); Harris, Bertha (Author); Samaras, Connie (Author); Giorno, John (Author); Johnston, Jill (Author); Orloff, Alvin (Author); Gomez, jewelle (Author); Goldsby, Jackie (Author); Chua, Lawrence (Author); DiMassa, Diane (Author); Solanas, Valerie (Author); Jones, G.B. (Author); Smith, Jack (Author); Tropicana, Carmelita (Author); Cooper, Dennis (Author); Ingolia, Tyler (Author); Acker, Kathy (Author); Stadler, Matthew (Author); Wojnarowicz, David (Author)
Dossier: 700 - LGBTQ+
Collation: 351 p. : 167 ill. (1 col.) ; 21 x 16 cm
ISBN: 087286300X
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: San Francisco, CA: City Light Books; Berkeley, CA: s.n.
Artists: Tudor, David; Lemcke, Rudy; Schorr, Collier; Warhol, Andy; Bleckner, Ross; Chicago, Judy; Bamber, Judie; Jenkins, Michael; Nagy, Peter; Wojnarowicz, David; Leonard, Zoe; Ray, Rex; Morton, Ree; Burton, Scott; Hujar, Peter; Reichman, Brett; Priola, John; Connelly, Arch; Dupuis, David; Snyder, Joan; Hesse, Eva; Alvarez, D-L; Hammond, Harmony; Hammer, Jonathan; Matalon, Linda; Grossman, Nancy; Opie, Catherine; Mapplethorpe, Robert; Aguilar, Laura; Ray, Man; Wolfe, Steve; Hewicker, Scott; Tyson, Nicola; Goldin, Nan; Gober, Robert; Morris, Robert; Adler, Amy; Bamber, Judie; Levine, Sherrie; Duchamp, Marcel; Kass, Deborah; Makos, Christopher; General Idea (Collective); Acconci, Vito; Benglis, Lynda; Leonard, Zoe; Ligon, Glenn; Horn, Roni; Brooks, Romaine; Tchelitchew, Pavel; Greene, Tony; Moffett, Donald; Kilimnik, Karen; Samaras, Connie; Hawkins, Richard; Wolfe, Steve; Pfeiffer, Paul; Otterson, Joel; Indiana, Robert; Wilson, Millie; Kelley, Mike; Lindell, John; KIPPER KIDS, The; Hendricks, Geoffrey; Gilbert & George; Prince, Richard; PRUITT & EARLY; Leibowitz, Cary S.; Candyass; Larmon, Kevin; Johns, Jasper; Defazio, John; Millet, Kate; Bourgeois, Louise; Arbus, Diane; Dashiell, David; Saar, Betye; Moyer, Carrie; Ledray, Charles; Lanigan-Schmidt, Thomas; McDERMOTT and McGOUGH; Delos, Kate; Smith, Jack; Lacy, Suzanne; Fecteau, Vincent; Eisenman, Nicole; Marsh, Reginald; Haring, Keith; Johnson, Larry; Oldenburg, Claes; Han, Donna; Schneemann, Carolee; Sherman, Stuart; Saret, Alan; Caja, Jerome; Burton, Richmond; Majoli, Monica; Hawkins, Richards; Corinne, Tee A.; Hockney, David; Pittman, Lari; Hodges, Jim; Mccarty, Marlene; Kruger, Barbara; SEX PISTOLS, The; Holzer, Jenny; Maciunas, George; Harris, Lyle Ashton; Bacher, Lutz; Lidell, Siobhan; Fishman, Louise; Opie, Catherine; Feher, Tony; Elesby, Sally; Mouffarege, Nicholas; Pierson, Jack; Cornell, Joseph; Wong, Martin; Reynolds, Hunter; Smith, Teresa A.
Critics / Curators / Historians: Blake, Nayland; Rinder, Lawrence; Scholder, Amy
Event Statement: Exhibition probably presented in 1995, University Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (Berkeley).
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