Art and Feminism

Phelan, Peggy and de Beauvoir, Simone and Di Prima, Diane and Friedan, Betty and Solanas, Valerie and Johnston, Jill and Ono, Yoko and Linde, Ulf and Lippard, Lucy R. and Hesse, Eva and Ukeles, Mierle Laderman and Clark, Lygia and Millett, Kate and Koedt, Anne and Greer, Germaine and Nochlin, Linda and Cixous, Hélène and Export, Valie and Tucker, Marcia and Kingsley, April and Schapiro, Miriam and Mulvey, Laura and Alloway, Lawrence and Kozloff, Max and Krauss, Rosalind and Masheck, Joseph and Michelson, Annette and Chicago, Judy and Parker, Rozsika and Delmar, Rosalind and Hammer, Barbara and Sauzeau Boetti, Anne-Marie and Akerman, Chantal and Irigaray, Luce and Hiller, Susan and Cockcroft, Eva and Richardson, Su and Orenstein, Gloria Feman and Kingsley, April and Adams, Parveen and Lorde, Audre and Rich, Adrienne and Gilbert, Sandra M. and Hammond, Harmony and Lacy, Suzanne and Labowitz, Leslie and Ketcham, Diana and Goldin, Nan and Ringgold, Faith and Kruger, Barbara and Kristeva, Julia and Isaak, Jo Anna and Owens, Craig and Kelly, Mary and Linker, Kate and Calle, Sophie and Baudrillard, Jean and Lin, Maya and Spence, Jo and Haraway, Donna J. and Minh-ha, Trinh T. and Boyce, Sonia and Rankin, Aimee and Carr, C. and Fisher, Jean and Rainer, Yvonne and Vance, Carole S. and Jones, Kellie and Piper, Adrian and Avgikos, Jan and Lee, Rosa and Schor, Mira and Butler, Judith and Jones, Amelia and Boffin, Tessa and Green, Renée and Schorr, Collier and Koether, Jutta and Chadwick, Helen and Warner, Marina and Myles, Eileen and Frueh, Joanna and Kotz, Liz and Gallaccio, Anya and Kolbowski, Silvia and Tickner, Lisa and Apter, Emily and Nixon, Mignon and Rogers, Sarah J. and Hayles, N. Katherine and Williams, Gilda and Simon, Joan and Wearing, Gillian and Cottingham, Laura and Spector, Nancy and Plant, Sadie and Neshat, Shirin and Arning, Bill and Fusco, Coco and Redstockings and Radicalesbians and Orlan. Art and Feminism. New York, NY: Phaidon Press, 2001.

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Abstract (English)

Authoritative publication focusing on the role of theory in the evolution of feminist art. Phelan's essay surveying American and British feminist art produced between 1960-2000 traces the "shifting geographies of feminism" by situating diverse formal strategies used by feminist artists within the contexts of abstract expressionim, minimalism, conceptual art, performance art and photographic performance. Her analysis of the ideological forces within representational systems is informed by postructuralism and psychoanalytic theories of sexual difference. Issues of identity, race, sexuality, class, gender and age are considered in relation to the marginalization of women, the objectification of the female body, and essentialism. Includes documentation of numerous artworks and texts by artists and authors working in disciplines of feminist philosophy, psychoanalysis, art history, film theory and literary criticism. Biographical notes. Index of names. Bibliography. Circa 675 bibl. ref.

Types: Monographs
All Contributors: Phelan, Peggy (Author); Reckitt, Helena (Editor); Reckitt, Helena (Prefacer); de Beauvoir, Simone (Author); Di Prima, Diane (Author); Friedan, Betty (Author); Solanas, Valerie (Author); Johnston, Jill (Author); Ono, Yoko (Artist); Ono, Yoko (Author); Linde, Ulf (Artist); Linde, Ulf (Author); Lippard, Lucy R. (Author); Hesse, Eva (Artist); Hesse, Eva (Author); Ukeles, Mierle Laderman (Artist); Ukeles, Mierle Laderman (Author); Clark, Lygia (Artist); Clark, Lygia (Author); Millett, Kate (Artist); Millett, Kate (Author); Koedt, Anne (Author); Greer, Germaine (Author); Nochlin, Linda (Author); Cixous, Hélène (Author); Export, Valie (Artist); Export, Valie (Author); Tucker, Marcia (Author); Kingsley, April (Author); Schapiro, Miriam (Artist); Schapiro, Miriam (Author); Mulvey, Laura (Artist); Mulvey, Laura (Author); Alloway, Lawrence (Author); Kozloff, Max (Author); Krauss, Rosalind (Author); Masheck, Joseph (Author); Michelson, Annette (Author); Chicago, Judy (Artist); Chicago, Judy (Author); Parker, Rozsika (Author); Delmar, Rosalind (Author); Hammer, Barbara (Artist); Hammer, Barbara (Author); Sauzeau Boetti, Anne-Marie (Author); Akerman, Chantal (Artist); Akerman, Chantal (Author); Irigaray, Luce (Author); Hiller, Susan (Artist); Hiller, Susan (Author); Cockcroft, Eva (Author); Richardson, Su (Artist); Richardson, Su (Author); Orenstein, Gloria Feman (Author); Kingsley, April (Author); Adams, Parveen (Author); Lorde, Audre (Author); Rich, Adrienne (Author); Gilbert, Sandra M. (Author); Hammond, Harmony (Artist); Hammond, Harmony (Author); Lacy, Suzanne (Artist); Lacy, Suzanne (Author); Labowitz, Leslie (Artist); Labowitz, Leslie (Author); Ketcham, Diana (Author); Goldin, Nan (Artist); Goldin, Nan (Author); Ringgold, Faith (Author); Kruger, Barbara (Artist); Kruger, Barbara (Author); Kristeva, Julia (Author); Isaak, Jo Anna (Author); Owens, Craig (Author); Kelly, Mary (Artist); Kelly, Mary (Author); Linker, Kate (Author); Calle, Sophie (Artist); Calle, Sophie (Author); Baudrillard, Jean (Author); Lin, Maya (Artist); Lin, Maya (Author); Spence, Jo (Artist); Spence, Jo (Author); Haraway, Donna J. (Author); Minh-ha, Trinh T. (Artist); Minh-ha, Trinh T. (Author); Boyce, Sonia (Artist); Boyce, Sonia (Author); Rankin, Aimee (Artist); Rankin, Aimee (Author); Carr, C. (Author); Fisher, Jean (Author); Rainer, Yvonne (Artist); Rainer, Yvonne (Author); Vance, Carole S. (Author); Jones, Kellie (Author); Piper, Adrian (Artist); Piper, Adrian (Author); Avgikos, Jan (Author); Lee, Rosa (Author); Schor, Mira (Artist); Schor, Mira (Author); Butler, Judith (Author); Jones, Amelia (Author); Boffin, Tessa (Author); Green, Renée (Artist); Green, Renée (Author); Schorr, Collier (Author); Koether, Jutta (Author); Chadwick, Helen (Artist); Chadwick, Helen (Author); Warner, Marina (Author); Myles, Eileen (Author); Frueh, Joanna (Author); Kotz, Liz (Author); Gallaccio, Anya (Artist); Gallaccio, Anya (Author); Kolbowski, Silvia (Artist); Kolbowski, Silvia (Author); Tickner, Lisa (Author); Apter, Emily (Author); Nixon, Mignon (Author); Rogers, Sarah J. (Author); Hayles, N. Katherine (Author); Williams, Gilda (Author); Simon, Joan (Author); Wearing, Gillian (Artist); Wearing, Gillian (Author); Cottingham, Laura (Author); Spector, Nancy (Author); Plant, Sadie (Author); Neshat, Shirin (Artist); Neshat, Shirin (Author); Arning, Bill (Author); Fusco, Coco (Artist); Fusco, Coco (Author); Redstockings; Redstockings; Radicalesbians; Orlan; Orlan
Collation: 304 p. : 284 ill. (181 col.) ; 30 x 26 cm
ISBN: 0714835293
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: New York, NY: Phaidon Press
Artists: Chicago, Judy; Wilke, Hannah; Abakanowicz, Magdalena; Abramovic, Marina; Ahtila, Eija-Liisa; Akerman, Chantal; Anderson, Laurie; Antin, Eleanor; Antoni, Janine; Applebroog, Ida; Aycock, Alice; Bag, Alex; Bamber, Judy; Barry, Judith; Bauer, Ute Meta; Beecroft, Vanessa; Benglis, Lynda; Benning, Sadie; Birnbaum, Dara; Bontecou, Lee; Boty, Pauline; Bourgeois, Louise; Boyce, Sonia; Cadieux, Geneviève; Calle, Sophie; Chadwick, Helen; Charlesworth, Sarah; Child, Abigail; Clark, Lygia; Damon, Betsy; Dement, Linda; Dumas, Marlene; Dunning, Jeanne; Dunye, Cheryl; Edelson, Mary Beth; Eisenman, Nicole; Eltit, Diamela; Elwes, Catherine; Emin, Tracey; Export, Valie; Finley, Karen; Finn-Kelcey, Rose; Fraser, Andrea; Fusco, Coco; Gallaccio, Anya; Garrard, Rose; Goldin, Nan; Granet, Ilona; Green, Renée; Guerrilla Girls; Gunning, Lucy; Hamilton, Ann; Hammer, Barbara; Hammond, Harmony; Harrison, Margaret; Hatoum, Mona; Hershman, Lynn; Hesse, Eva; Hiller, Susan; Himid, Lubaina; Hohenbüchler, Christine; Hohenbüchler, Irene; Holzer, Jenny; Horn, Rebecca; Hunt, Kay; Jonas, Joan; Keane, Tina; Kelly, Mary; Knorr, Karen; Knowles, Alison; Kolbowski, Silvia; Kozloff, Joyce; Kruger, Barbara; Kubota, Shigeko; Kusama, Yayoi; Labowitz, Leslie; Lacy, Suzanne; La Rocca, Ketty; Laurel, Brenda; Lawler, Louise; Leonard, Zoe; Levine, Sherrie; Lin, Maya; Lomax, Yve; Lucas, Sarah; Mendieta, Ana; Messager, Annette; Millett, Kate; Minh-Ha, Trinh T.; Miss, Mary; Montano, Linda; Mulvey, Laura; Neel, Alice; Neshat, Shirin; Ono, Yoko; Opie, Catherine; Orlan; Oulton, Thérèse; Pane, Gina; Pindell, Howardena; Piper, Adrian; Pondick, Rona; Rainer, Yvonne; Rankin, Aimee; Rego, Paula; Reichek, Elaine; Richards, Catherine; Richardson, Su; Rist, Pipilotti; Rosenbach, Ulrike; Rosler, Martha; Saar, Betye; Saint-Phalle, Niki De; Salcedo, Doris; Saville, Jenny; Schapiro, Miriam; Schneemann, Carolee; Schor, Mira; Semmel, Joan; Sherman, Cindy; Sieverding, Katharina; Sikander, Shahzia; Simmons, Laurie; Simpson, Lorna; Sjöö, Monica; Sleigh, Sylvia; Smith, Jaune Quick-To-See; Smith, Kiki; Spence, Jo; Spero, Nancy; Sterbak, Jana; Strickland, Rachel; Tabrizian, Mitra; Trockel, Rosemarie; Tutti, Cosey Fanni; Ukeles, Mierle Laderman; Veruschka; Vns Matrix; Walker, Kara; Walker, Kate; Wearing, Gillian; Weems, Carrie Mae; Whiteread, Rachel; Wilding, Faith; Williams, Sue; Wilson, Martha; Woodman, Francesca; Yates, Marie
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